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Dads At Their Sexiest Following Birth

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You feel like a big fat bowl of post-partum jelly. Your hair is falling out, and what the hell happened to that mid-pregnancy glow? Ironic, isn't it? In the months after you give birth, you probably don't exactly feel like the hottest version of yourself. But your partner sure does.

In the year after their child is born, guys feel more attractive, according to a study published in the Journal of Gender Studies. 

But the strut is apparently short-lived, with guys' perceptions of their attractiveness reverting to normal after a year.

An article on Today Moms claims the surge in attractiveness comes from “validation your boys can swim.” 

As with new mothers, it's equally crucial for guys to keep their game up and not become complacent. That means extra grooming and 'manscaping.'

To be fair, I can't even remember what my husband looked like in that hazy, myopic first year following my baby's birth. I'd say he's at his sexiest now, four years on, now that sleep deprivation is a thing of the past.

Dads, does this ring true? Can you relate? 

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