3 Sexy Ways You Can Use Lube to Heat Up Your Holidays

'Tis the season for simplicity and sexy-time fun!

3 Sexy Ways You Can Use Lube to Heat Up Your Holidays

3 sexy ways you can use lube to heat up your holidays

I used to be pretty ambivalent about the holidays.

The trouble was, Christmas ended up being less merry and more stressful. That wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the fun holiday I was trying to make for everyone else. I wanted less stress and time to enjoy the season with the people who were most important in my life, including my partner.

The yuletide has a lot of potential for romance. I just needed to make time for it. I had to change some of my expectations of what a beautiful Christmas was supposed to be if it was to be, as the song says “the most wonderful time of the year.” Now, I take a less stressful approach to this time of year.

A pleasant side-effect of my easier approach to the holiday season is learning that this time of year is kind of a turn-on for me. Having a break from the stress of the normal school/work routine, plus the presence of extended family gives my partner and I more opportunities to spend time together. Add to that the twinkly lights, gentle snowfalls and chilly temperatures that promote snuggling and it’s no wonder I get to feelin’ libidinous.

Getting in some quality couple-time and crossing a major item off the Christmas to-do’s the gift that  keeps on giving! Christmas is now a lot more relaxing and romantic!

Now, I am no longer so ambivalent about the holidays.

Like my approach to Christmas, sometimes when I want to have sexy-time fun, my best bet is to make things easy. There are times when I want the fancy vibrator with all the bells and whistles, but the truth is that something as simple, like lube can liven up my favourite sexual activities.

Here are 3 ways that lube can bring your sex-life to a whole new level this holiday and beyond:

1. Enhance the feeling of manual stimulation.

Silicone-based products like Trojan lubricants have a nice silky feel and with lots of slip. Unlike water-based lubricants, a nice slippery silicone lube won’t evaporate so you don’t have to reapply it; it doesn’t get sticky and it only takes a little to produce a lot of sensation.

2. Spice up a sexy shower

After playing in the snow, you can warm up in a hot, sexy shower. Again, because they aren’t water-based, silicone lubes are fantastic in water so you can use them for penetrative sex without having them wash away. Although, as a sex-educator (and more importantly as someone who is very clumsy), just be careful to avoid get lube on the shower or bathroom floor. Silicone on a slick material like tile is a major slip-hazard.

3. Take arousal to new heights.

Putting a few drops of lube on a penis or clitoris and letting it linger while you tend to other things, can really amp up your arousal. Trojan makes a lube that intensifies sensation as you move. This could make the next holiday party extra exciting...just make sure you have a good excuse for ducking out early!

Compared to vibrators, lube is gentle on the holiday budget, it’s super-easy to use and it makes switching up your sexual routine simple. And bonus: rub a couple drops on your gifts’ price tags and they’ll come right off!

Happy holidays, everyone!