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Wedding Guest Make Up Etiquette

The Important Do's and Don'ts

On Wednesday I was honoured to have hosted a wedding reception for two of my dearest friends. I know a lot of actors and singers and the couple are both opera singers so the party had to be held mid week to accommodate their schedules. Singers sing on the weekends!

The guests turned out in their best summer garden party finery and it was such a wonderful day. As I met their friends and played host, invariably people (mostly the women) discovered I was Daniel Thompson of Daniel Thompson Beauty and the usual questions ensued. One thing I started thinking about was how there is a mass of “how to” guides for bridal make up but nary a word about etiquette for a wedding guest when it comes to make up.

Here are the top tips for a wedding guest by yours truly:

Never outshine the bride.  It is critical the every female guest remember the bride is the most beautiful person at the wedding. Guest’s make up should never compete for attention, so no red lipsticks, no glitter, no false lashes, no dramatic effects of any kind.

Respect the bride’s colour palette. If possible, match make up looks to suit the brides wedding colours – this shows respect, but also allows for some fun with makeup. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like pink, if the bride does, find a way to incorporate some pink into your make up.

When in doubt go neutral. By using soft neutral make up, you will never run the risk of having inappropriate make up at a wedding. Neutrals work with every colour palette and also do not draw attention away from the bride.