Great Find: Nivea Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

This product sample was a surprisingly good one for mass-market skin care.

Great Find: Nivea Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream

Every now and then I receive a product sample that simply surprises me.

Last week, I was asked to review a new drugstore-distributed product, and I have to say mass-market skin care really is getting better and better. Time was that mass distributed skin care was really not worth the jars in which they are packaged; but this is no longer true.

Here is a great Beauty: BUSTED! Beauty Find: Nivea Q10Plus Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream ($20 for 50mL).

This cream, while marketed as a night cream, can be used day and night and is perfectly fine to use around the eyes. Don’t buy in to the marketing of creams for different times of day and different areas of the face.


  1.  High grade ingredients: creatine, ubiquinone, vitamin E, shea butter, panthenol, NMFs, BHAs and anti acne ingredients – these are all top grade ingredients found in very expensive skincare
  2. Texture – rich and creamy but not lubricating.  This texture is absorbed quickly in to the skin leaving no residue
  3.  Suits all skin types – even sensitive


  1. Fragrance – I still don’t understand why cosmetics companies include fragrances in their formulas – these are the most sensitizing group of ingredients
  2. Full money back guarantee – Nivea is one of the few companies which advertise their 4 week satisfaction return policy
  3. Value for money – creams of this nature sell for 5 times the price in department stores

Overall: well worth the purchase. For the price, you will not find a better formulation, in fact this cream stands against almost any high-end department store or spa product.

Please note:  I do not receive any compensation, aside from product samples, to provide product reviews. Nivea, in no way, sponsored this post. All reviews are based on ingredient listings and the claims attributed.

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