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It's a New Year: Time to Clean Up Your Make Up

Make a resolution to give your makeup bag a makeover

Ahhh, the new year. Resolutions abound. I have an easy one for you. It's time to clean out your make up bag. Well, actually to clean up all your cosmetics.

So many people keep cosmetics for much longer than is safe. Cosmetics expire like any perishable item. January is a perfect time to sort your products and ditch items which are old, expired, out of fashion, or going un-used.

My checklist:

1.  Expirations dates

Some products have clearly-marked expiration dates - sunscreens are a great example of this, but also any item with a DIN number has an expiration date - that can be anti-dandruff shampoo, antiperspirants, baby products, anti-fungal treatments (think foot care), muscle rubs, or steroid based creams (think anti-eczema treatments).

Look for the expiration date and discard any product which has passed its prime. Using expired DIN products isn't harmful in any way - but their active ingredients no longer work, and you will not be getting the benefits you desire.

2.  Period after opening dates

All cosmetics have a PAO symbol.  It is a little jar with a number followed by the letter M.  This symbol tells you for how long the product remains bacteria, virus amd microbe free after its opening. The general rule is the more dry the formula, the longer the PAO. Check your products and think back to when you bought them. If you can't remember when you did it's time to ditch them for safety reasons. If you can, and you are past the PAO, throw the product away even if it not used up. The bacteria count and microbe levels will be growing quickly after the PAO.

3.  Seasonal items

Yes, that fun teal eyeliner was a hit on New Years Eve. That shimmer powder worked beautifully with your holiday dresses. That bronzer you bought last summer really helped your skin look flawless. It's true each season there are products which are great to use. But once that season is done, the reality is that those products will never get used again. I suggest ditching them to make room for new, fun products.

4.  Foundation 

Foundation is like clothes; you have to wear what fits and what is in season. Double check your foundation to see it is giving you correct coverage as well as matching your skin tone as it is right now - you may have a foundation you bought some months ago when your skin was warmer from the summer sun. It is a good time to buy a new one if yours does not "fit" properly.

5.  Products you don't use

Remember that red lipstick you bought for that one event?  Or that eye shadow kit you never quite got around to using? It's time to throw them out. We all buy a few products that get used very rarely or not at all - it's okay to ditch them.  

5.  Sit with a make up artist

If you really want to streamline your cosmetics sit with a professional make up artist and show them all the products you are using. They can help you streamline, update and show how to use your products more effectively. It's well worth the few dollars to pay them to help you.  

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