Holiday Party Eyeshadow How-To

Glitter and Shine

Holiday Party Eyeshadow How-To

Holiday Glitter Eye How-To |

Glitter and Shine! 

It's the most important trend for the holiday season, and it's glitter eye shadow.

This look is perfect for formal parties and is very pretty in its effect. It does take some time to apply and requires a little patience, but once it is all done it really amps up the overall look for the party season.

You will need:


1. A really good concealer/highlighter 

2. A medium brown matte eyeshadow

3. A deep black matte eyeshadow 

4. A black liquid eyeliner 

5. Glitter adhesive 

6. Glitter 

7. Fantasy Lashes  


Here's What to Do:

Step by step instructions to creating the perfect glitter eye shadow


1.  Prep with the concealer/highlighter by evening out the entire area under the eye and the eyelid

2.  Apply the medium brown shadow across the crease creating a point at the outer corner of the eye

3.  Intensify the outer corner of the eye with the black shadow cutting the darker colour into the crease - this creates an outline for applying the glitter

4.  Across the mobile lid apply a thin layer of the make up adhesive - do not apply to thick a layer as it will gum up and be difficult to work with.

5.  Carefully layer the loose glitter on top of the adhesive.  Pay attention to glitter falling under the eye. It is better to apply in small sections than try to apply all at once to the entire area.

6.  Define the eye with a cat eye style application of the liquid liner. Paying attention to the shape created with the black eye shadow.

7.  Apply lashes to the finished effect for the fullest drama.

This whole procedure will take upwards of 20 minutes to do well and for some people can take longer if not experienced with false lashes.  The look, however, is so intensely beautiful it is very much worth the effort. 


How to use glitter eye shadow

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