Summer Romance

Party With Daniel Thompson

Summer Romance


One of the most exciting parts of my job is meeting customers. Without exception, whenever we do a DTB event, I am inspired by the many women and men I meet and their response to our products. This past week we held a Summer Romance Party in Andrews Hazelton Lanes in Toronto.

What a perfect day it was.  Lynn Blouin, the manager and head buyer for cosmetics, really out did herself. Clients were greeted with a glass of champagne and plates of fresh fruit while every area of the cosmetics department was organized for clients to relax and linger — just like a lazy summer afternoon ought be.

The new look is soft and ethereal, showcasing rich apricot and berry shades transposed with shimmers of gold and beige. Many people were delighted to see our new Blush/Bronzer formulas and how they could mix and match them for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

By far the runaway hit was our new Skinny Dip Gloss. We actually sold out before the event was half over.

I want to say a special thank you to everyone who came out to spend their Saturday with us. Especially those who tweeted the event. You can always follow us on twitter@DTBeauty and see more photos on the Daniel Thompson Beauty Facebook page.

While this was my last personal appearance until Autumn you can find Summer Romance at DTB retailers across Canada — or shop online and have it shipped for free to your door.


Summer Lip Colour Trend

The Kit Has Selected The Must Have Look

Summer Lip Colour Trend


The Kit has pronounced the must have look for Summer 2013 is "a playful approach with duo toned lips."

The magazine highlighted two colour ranges in particular: purples and pastel pinks. The magazine says, "Master the fashion forward, more is more lip colour trend," and "If neon is a bit much, blend creamy pastels from the same colour family for a subtle rainbow effect."

Have fun with your lip colours!  

I suggest the following:

Daniel Thompson Beauty Transforming Lipstick in Iced Violet, Precious Coral, or Pink Coral.



4 Important Cosmetics Ingredients

All Skin Types Will Benefit From These Ingredients

4 Important Cosmetics Ingredients

importatnt cosmetic ingredients

There is a lot of conversation, these days, about the types of cosmetics ingredients to avoid when shopping. Very rarely are there articles espousing the benefits of ingredients that work well and can actually have a profound effect on the skin.

Below is my must seek list of cosmetics ingredients (and of course why):

AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) — these compounds have multiple benefits for the skin.

1. Exfoliates

2. Hydrates

3. Increases collagen and elastin synthesis

4. Reduces visible wrinkles through increased water retention

5. Regenerates protein


DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol) — this compound is one of the most effective for skin especially sensitive.

1. Reduces visible pores.

2. Stimulates acetylcholine release which triggers muscle response.

3. Provides visible results, on skin, within 20 minutes of application.


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) — this compound reduces pain caused by sensitivities.

1. Provides sulfur to the skin to allow natural healing.

2. Repairs cuts, scrapes, burns, acne and environmental damage on the skin.

3. Reduces scar tissue.

4. Feeds the formation of collagen cross links.


Rooibos Tea Extract — this extract is a powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent.

1. Rich in calcium which builds density in the skin.

2. Mimics Super Oxide Dismutase which neutralizes free radicals.

3. Vitamin C content which provide skin retexturing benefits.


Special thanks to Kayla Fioravanti for her research and published work, which helped greatly in the writing of this article.