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Okrapeptide: BUSTED!

Carefully Worded Ads to Fool You

I have written many times about how cosmetics companies use very carefully selected language to ensure their claims are above litigation but be as wordy as they can be to imply very specific results. Okrapeptide is a popular product both on The Shopping Channel and at drugstores.

In the very carefully worded ad copy, this product is touted as “a natural alternative to injections like Botox®”.

Let’s look at the language here:

1. “a natural alternative”: by definition anything other than the stated comparable item (in this case Botox®) is an alternative. The word means “available as a possibility”. While implying this product is as effective as Botox®, that is actually not what is stated – this statement simply means: there is the possibility this can be applied instead of Botox®. Well that is true of anything. There is no actual comparison to the results offered.

2. “to injections like Botox®”: this is a careful way to not actually compare anything to actual Botox®. This simply means “something along the lines of Botox® but not specifically Botox®”.

The reason this is important is because legally and scientifically speaking nothing provides results like Botox® except Botox®.

Okrapeptide ($39 for 30mL)


1. Great cell communicating ingredients to speed the penetration of the active ingredients

2. Lipid identical plant extracts to create cushion and hydration

3. Fragrance and dye free


1. High concentrations of irritating plant oils

2. Plastic filler which can occlude the skin

3. Lots of filler to build volume in the tube – these dilute any actives and create a film on the surface of the skin

Overall – a very run of the mill formula wrapped up in some overhyped marketing.

Not overpriced but not really all that well formulated. There are far superior formulas sold at the drug store.