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Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid

These Ingredients Never Help The Skin

I often get feedback from readers saying they love the products I review but wish I would list more products I think they should buy.

There are good products from every line and at every price point. What is more important is to be aware of the ingredients used in the formula. Every reputable brand lists the entire list of ingredients on the packaging. This list is called the INCI list. Forget the fancy ingredient names listed on the front of the jar. The important ingredient list is the small print.

When searching the INCI list there are some ingredients, commonly used, that should be avoided at all times. Not because they will cause some horrible health problem (as some websites assert) but rather because these ingredients can actually prevent the cosmetic from working well.

1. SD Alcohol, Alcohol, Alcohol Denat. – these ingredients should not be confused with moisturizing alcohols (yes there is such a thing). These alcohols are denatured alcohol used because they have great evaporation qualities and can help products penetrate into the skin – but they disrupt the natural pH of the skin and cause massive water evaporation in a short period of time. When used in cosmetics they cause a drying and irritating effect. For most skin types they will cause free radical damage and in some skin types serious contact dermatitis.

2. Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Petroleum Jelly – highly occlusive and comedogenic. These ingredients, when applied regularly, can clog pores, cause breakout and disrupt the oil/water balance of the skin preventing regulated hydration.

3. Fragrance – this is the number one sensitizing ingredient in cosmetics. A single listing of fragrance can be hundreds of different ingredients. When most people suffer a reaction to a cosmetic product the culprit is the fragrance component.

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