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Beauty: BUSTED! Top Picks In Sunscreens

The Best Family and Kid-friendly Sunscreens

I received a lot of email about my  latest Byte Size TV segment explaining sun safety and how to protect your kids from the summer sun.

So for all who have been asking — and those who have not yet but are planning — here are my top picks for kid and family friendly sunscreens in no particular order.

1. Green Beaver Sunscreen SPF 30 $19.99 for 90 mL — available at health food stores and natural product stores online.

21% zinc oxide – so safe in fact it is perfect for toddlers, babies (older than 6 months) and the whole family. Great on dry skin and completely transparent with no white film.


2. Badger SPF 30+ Sunscreen $19.99 for 87 mL — available at health food stores and natural product stores online.

This sunscreen starts working as soon as it is applied. Most sunscreens take up to 30-minutes to become effective after application, not so with Badger. This sunscreen stays put even when working out (no dripping in the eyes) and continues to work in the water for up to 40 minutes.

3. GM Collin SPF 30 High Protection Cream $39 for 120 mL — available only at spas and dermatologist offices

This sunscreen is a great addition to regular skin care programs and is perfect for combining with foundations, moisturizers and for wearing as an alternative to expensive face creams.

I stock all three of these sunscreens in my own home and use all of them regularly. They certainly meet my criteria for quality products and they perform very well.