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Bejewelled Glamour

Step-By-Step Guide To Creating This Season's New Look

This season makeup takes its rightful place in the pantheon of embellishment that defines an outfit, creates fashion and signifies style.  With bold, bright and intense colours that shock and demand attention. A conundrum of texture that transfixes the gaze while enhancing the individual wearer:  this is the very essence of Spring 2013

The trend is light capturing elegance that inspires admiration!

Create the look:

EYES: The most important part of the look is metallic eye shadow. Often people are afraid of metallic and shimmer eye shadow but when used correctly they can capture light and even reflect the soft texture of the skin. The trick is to blend and overlay with deep rich matte tomes and highlight with the metallic finish.

Step 1: Prep the eye with a base.  Concealers don't work well for this but highlighting primers will create an even and slightly illuminated surface on which to apply the make up. Ensure the entire eyelid is covered with the primer before any eye shadow is applied.

Step 2: Fill the entire eyelid with the metallic shade. Lash to brow. The trick here is to ensure the metallic is a light shade so it can reflect rather than sparkle on the lid.

Step 3: On the mobile lid overlay a deeper (but not data) matte shadow that mitigates any one-dimensional quality of the metallic eye shadow. This will create depth without making the eye lose the luminosity desired. This seasons copper and rose work well together.


CHEEKS: Soft radiance, not contour. The key to cheeks for Spring 2013 is to keep them looking as natural as possible. With the brightness of the metallic eye shadow and the pop of coral on the lips cheeks should be very subdued.

Step 1: Use a multi prismatic blush rather than a monochromatic one. Multiple colours blended together work better to create a natural finish.

Step 2: Apply directly to the apple of cheeks in a circular motion. This gives the illusion of skin that has been out doors rather than made up with make up.

Step 3: Blend carefully all the way to the hairline, alone the cheek bone. This connects the colour and elaborates on the naturalness of the look.



LIPS: Coral, coral, coral. Don't be afraid. Coral doesn't mean orange. True coral is a blend of pink and orange creating a bright pop of needed colour. The lips are the focal point of the entire look. Don’t shy away from the boldness coral can create.

Step 1: Apply the lipstick to the centre of the bottom lip gently blending to the outer edges. Be careful to stay in the natural lip line.

Step 2: Press the lips together, transferring the colour to the top lip.

Step 3: Carefully shape the lipstick to fill but not over exaggerate the lip. Finish with a matching lip liner to ensure the edges are smooth.



This look is fresh, radiant and clean.  It is completely "spring" without being so trendy it will be boring in a few weeks.


Dan's Favourites

Designer: Primer: Daniel Thompson Beauty Absolute Light ($61), Eye shadow: Daniel Thompson Beauty Mineral Eye shadow in Polished Copper and Roselle ($33)

Spa: Primer: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Eye Illuminating Duo ($26), Eye shadow:  Ink Cosmetics Eye Dust in Ambition ($20) and Matte Shadow in Desert Pink ($18)

Mass: Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer ($22), Eye shadow: Revlon PhotoReady Shadow in Bohemian ($10)








Designer:  Blush:  Daniel Thompson Beauty Mineral Blush ($89)

Spa: Blush:  Aveda Petal Essence Face Accents in Rose Blossom ($29)

Mass: Blush:  Gosh Cosmetics Multicolour Blush in Pink Pie ($19)





Designer:  Lipstick:  Daniel Thompson Beauty The Transforming Lipstick in Pink Coral ($33)

Spa: Lipstick:  Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up PureMoist Lipstick in CJ ($22.50)

Mass: Lipstick:  Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick #16 ($8)