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Autumn Bride Prep Steps

Planing Your Wedding Makeup In 3 Easy Steps

Some of you may know I am a contributing columnist for City Style and Living Magazine.

Published four times per year, this magazine offers great fashion tips and tricks including my regular column called Helen of Troy.

The new Autumn issue was published last week and my article is a feature for Autumn brides.

Here is a quick recap to prep up for your big day!

1.  Trial and Testing

At the trial you will determine the overall colour chart with which the artist will work and they will create a story board for your style. A second and third appointment will be required to finalize the overall look.

When doing the make-up test the artist will have a few different variations of the desired effect for you to try. They will suggest: Foundations, colour schemes, harmonized finishes

Also at the trial appointments the artist will apply the look for you and together you will create notes about what you like and what you don't like.  A future appointment will be needed to modify the look.

2.  Modification

About two months prior to the wedding date you should be well into the modification process and your make-up artist will have your options down to two looks from which you can choose.  What you will notice is the make-up looks much heavier than normal street wear and this is because it needs to show up from a distance and in photographs.  Be prepared to wear more make-up than you may be used to—this is a formal event after all.  During the modification stage you will still be able to make minor adjustments to the final finish but the overall palette is now set.

3.  Skin prep

Make-up is only as good as the skin on which it is applied. About one month before the wedding date it is important to prep the skin with a professional facial and maintain those result with proper home care products.  If the skin is prepped properly, the wedding day make-up will wear for many hours without needing a touch up and also the skin will look more radiant in the wedding pictures.

You can read the whole article for my additional make-up choices that make great wedding day finishes for photography.