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The One Question You Must Ask Before You Buy Clothes or Accessories

WARNING: It's not "Is this on sale?"

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If you have a look through your wardrobe today, would you find any pieces that still have the sales tags on or a bunch of items you’ve bought but never actually worn? Have you fallen victim to impulse buys or emotional overspending? (Retail therapy: it’s totally a thing.)

As a self-professed shopaholic, deal-seeker, and fashionista, I could never try to deny the number of times I’ve purchased something I really didn’t need - or even truly love - because it was a great deal or I just felt like I had to buy something. 

We often get caught up in the moment when shopping and, without thinking, buy something we A) don’t need; B) don’t love and/or; C) later regret buying. How many times have you stood in the change room at a store and thought "Well, it’s the right price" or, “Hey it fits" only to let that purchase sit unloved and unworn in your closet? 

Even when I genuinely need something - and that’s a rare thing, might I add - I force myself to answer one simple question before I take anything to the cash register. From a simple, black cigarette pant to a wild, printed dress the question is always the same.  If I can't answer "Yes," to this question, I put it back on the rack and keep on keeping on.

Here’s what it is:

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