Find A Clinic Near You To Donate Blood

Donating Blood Can Make A Real Difference

Find A Clinic Near You To Donate Blood

Many of us are still reeling after hearing the news about two bombs going off at Boston Marathon finish line yesterday.

I know I can’t stop thinking about it, especially the little eight-year-old boy who died. My children come to my races to cheer me on as I pass the finish line. Sometimes they even run with me. My mind almost can not comprehend that this little boy who had been there to cheer on his father is gone.

Our hearts go out to the people who were killed, the people who were injured, and all of the families affected, yet we feel helpless.

I, unfortunately, can’t donate blood for four more months due to a piercing I just got recently, but giving blood is something most of us can do and it could be the difference between life and death for a person who needs it.

So if you’re feeling helpless and want to do something that can help, maybe you can find a clinic near and donate.

I don't know...sometimes I just feel better when I can do something and if you're the same way, maybe this will help you while you're helping someone else.

My prayers and thoughts are with all of those who were affected by yesterday’s tragedy in Boston.


Do You Wash Your Hair Every Day?

Basically, I Dread Locks

Do You Wash Your Hair Every Day?

I’m just going to put it out there—lately my life is ruled by my hair. Or more specifically, the washing of my hair. When it comes to washing, I dread locks.

It's not just about the shampooing and conditioning, it’s the blow drying and styling afterwards. These things take time, time that I don’t have.

And please don’t suggest letting my hair dry on its own because I end up looking like a cross between a Nick Nolte mug shot and an Alpaca.

So now there is a system in place whereby I ask myself simple questions.

Do I want to wash my hair knowing I’ll be going swimming later in the day? No
Do I want to wash my hair if I’m running, going to Bootcamp or biking? No
Do I want to wash my hair because I have an event to go to? Yes

What if I have swimming/running/biking/Bootcamp and an event on the same day? Utter confusion

This inevitably means shuffling my training schedule around. I can ponytail it after running, Bootcamp and/or biking but swimming definitely requires washing.

But there is a trick to the after-exercise pony, it must be countered with makeup, lots of makeup in hopes that I will fool people into thinking I’m a respectable human being and haven’t been walking around like a sweaty hobo all day. It has now gotten to the point where people don’t recognize me when my hair is washed and styled.

See? CONTROLLED BY MY HAIR WASHING SCHEDULE and I'm not sure how to get past it.

Ap-hair-ently I'll have to mullet over.

I know, I know. I'm tired. Probably from the exertion of washing and blow drying my hair today.

How often do you wash your hair?


PSY: Gentleman

Maybe He's Not Just A One-Hit Wonder

PSY: Gentleman

PSY is back with a new song 'Gentleman' and while I hate to admit it, it's pretty damn catchy.

There may be a lot of dancing while holding your chin in the near future.

What do you think of his latest single?