Hey You! You're Better Than Who You Think You Are

How wonderful would it be to see ourselves through someone else's eyes

Hey You! You're Better Than Who You Think You Are

Seeing Yourself Through Someone Else's Eyes

My thighs are too big.
I wish I had better skin.
I’d look good if it wasn’t for this muffin top.
I don’t want to go out tonight, I feel fat.
Ugh, these bags under my eyes make me look 70.

Are you guilty of saying something like this to yourself?

I am.

We’re our own worst enemies, aren’t we? If anyone ever said something like this to our kids or one of our friends, we’d go all, “It’s on like Donkey Kong” on them. Yet, we have no problem saying these things to ourselves. Every. Single. Day.


I remember this one time my friend Lisa told me she wished she had the colour of my eyes in her head. All I could think was how puffy my eyes were. So, instead of saying thank you, I made some stupid joke.

I bet you sometimes do that too, don’t you? You brush off compliments or make a self-deprecating remark instead of simply saying thank you. It’s actually my superhero power. I may not be able to fly faster than a speeding bullet or jump over buildings in a single bound, but I can deflect any compliment given to me within a 100 mile radius.

A few years ago I started wearing a bikini again. It’s ironic because the last time I wore a bikini was 20 years and 20 pounds ago. Yet, I now have more confidence walking around in that bikini with my muffin-top and cellulitey thighs than I did back then when I had a 24 inch waist.

Bent over I can see my stomach hanging downwards. Shits given: Zero

So what changed?


I stopped focusing on how my body looked and focused on what it could do. Those cellulitey thighs? They've supported me for a very long time. The bum I thought was too large? That bum can pound out 63 squats in 60 seconds. My muffin-top? Pretty sure it makes me more buoyant when I swim.

My friends would tell me I looked great, but I would never believe them.

They were just saying it to be nice.
They don't want me to feel bad.

But they weren't lying to make me feel good, just like I'm not lying when I tell you that you look great.

What I needed was to be able to see myself through their eyes using my own eyes. We all need to do this.

The fact that we’re even alive is nothing short of amazing. Think about it. We live on a planet in a galaxy that is so large we will never find an end to it. This little planet happened to be the just-right distance away from the warmth of a star to create the perfect conditions to grow life. And as far as we know, we are the only planet with life on it.

The only one!

And we’re worried about thigh gap.

I have beautiful friends. I bet you do too.

And yet, every single one of those friends has bemoaned some aspect of his or her appearance at one time or another. Yet I don’t see what they see, because to me they are all beautiful, perfect in their own individual way.

If I had one wish for my friendsand for youit’s for one brief moment you were able to see yourself through my eyes.

Because you’re so much better than you think you are.

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Coloured Flowers: The Magic Of Science In One Little Glass

Teach Your Kids How A Flower Draws Water Up The Stem

Coloured Flowers: The Magic Of Science In One Little Glass

How To Make Colored Flowers

This is an easy experiment to show how a flower draws water up its stem and into the petals.

Materials Needed:

Flowers (preferably white)
Food colouring
Drinking glasses

What To Do:

1) Fill a glass with water.

2) Place eight to ten drops of food colouring in the water. (In our experiment we used red.) The more food colouring you use, the brighter the end result.

3) Place the flowers in the glass and leave for a few hours or overnight.

4) Voila! You will see how the food coloring is distributed into the flower petals.

Take It Up A Notch:

Use this as an opportunity to show younger children how mixing together two colours can create a whole new colour.

Try the experiment with coloured flowers. Does the food colouring show up? Is it as bright? Why or why not?

Try the experiment with vegetables, like green onions, celery, or leeks. Is the result the same?

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8 Phrases You Will Probably Hear At Boot Camp

And What They Actually Mean

8 Phrases You Will Probably Hear At Boot Camp

phrases you will hear at boot camp

Back to the top.

That last set of exercises you barely got through? You’re going to do them all one more time.

You can do anything for 20 seconds!

Normally said while on a third set of burpees. Also, ummmm… Sometimes you can’t.

Yes, there’s a finisher today.

This means that even though you’ve already done a kajillion burpees, overhead presses, and the special hell known as band jacks, you’re going to be subjected to five more minutes of intense exercise.

At least there's no burpees.

Often added on to “Yes, there’s a finisher today” this means that everything else you’ve done today was so incredibly hard the instructors decided to forgo burpees.

Three Words: Man Maker Burpees.

This is usually followed by participants mumbling curse words under their breath.

How is everyone feeling?

Often stated at the end of class when participants are not making any noise and the instructor wants to make sure there isn’t going to be a mutiny. Most likely to be answered with: "I may have vomited in my mouth a bit."

C’mon! Two more. I want to see two more.

There’s eight seconds left in this set. OMG. EIGHT SECONDS.

Don’t you feel good now that it’s done?

Actually, yes. So much so that I always go back again.