This is the March Break Pledge That Will Save Your Sanity

Sometimes we set the bar too high.

This is the March Break Pledge That Will Save Your Sanity

I've lived through enough March Breaks to know we parents sometimes set the bar too high.  We get ideas on Pinterest and Facebook and we are determined to make this the BEST MARCH BREAK EVER.

As someone who has now survived (and thrived) through ten March Breaks, take it from me - the kids don't remember the perfectly painted crafts or the carefully planned outings so much as they remember the little moments of laughter and how you let them sleep in a fort made of blankets and cushions - a fort they created on their own.

Years ago, we took the kids to African Lion Safari for the day. We spent two hours in a vehicle, slogged around for an entire day under the hot sun, and spent over $200.  You know what they remember most about that day? I let them have a Slushie.

I could have spent the day at the spa, stopped at a Mac's Milk on the way home and achieved the same results.

Learn from my mistakes. If you want to make this March Break more manageable and more memorable, take this pledge with me.

So, will you take the pledge?




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