Renovating My Life For 2013

My Life Audit

life resolutions for 2013

I love doing a life audit, and this year I need to! A lot will be changing for me in the New Year and I want to make sure that the structural changes I am making are supported by healthy and exciting life changes. I often help people renovate their life, and I wouldn't be true to my own calling if I did not do the same for my own.

We are all in this together, infinitely connected. Won't you join me in taking steps towards a more conscious and powerful life?

Here are some helpful ways you can make 2013 lucky and limitless:

1. Juicing Up

I bought a fantastic juicer for myself this Christmas, and I have been revving it up once or twice a day ever since. The change  in my skin is nothing short of miraculous. Do your own research, but I do it first thing in the morning, in addition to a healthy diet and NOT as a meal substitute.

2. Be Kinder—Explore More Vegetarian Options

This year, more than ever, I plan on making "kinder" food choiceskinder towards other living beings and kinder to my body. Part of becoming more conscious requires making more responsible choices, such as vegetarian eating. How will you eat kinder?

3. Reduce Alcohol To Weekends Only And Coffee To Only Occasionally

I may go a little loopy for a few weeks, but I like a challenge. I'm drinking half-caf organic coffee these days and now that the holidays are over, I am committing to weekend wine sipping only. Whoa boy! I really enjoy wine, but alcohol and caffeine are skin irritants, so I am cutting back. Balance works better than banishment for meI don't think deprivation is good for my soul.

4. Mix Fitness With Fun And Take The "Work" Out Of Workout!

I'm so excited for some dance-tone classes I have registered for, and I got a great dance workout DVD for Christmas that I plan to try with my little guy. I'll be jogging to school to get my son more this year and hitting the trails with my dog, too. What makes you smile, laugh, or feel sexy? Can you get creative with the way you move and find your groove this year?

5. Give The Right Amount To The Right Places

We often feel called to give, but confused as to where or how. I'm the honorary chair of Food 4 Kidsan organization I loveI give often to the Food Bank and Oxfam, but this year I need to cut back on giving away too much of my time. Before we say yes to requests, there is a simple way to be sure your generosity is well spent. Before responding to any invite or choosing an opportunity, ask yourself: "Can my presence create powerful change here or is it better spent somewhere else?"

6. Grow Your Entrepreneurial Self

Put your creations on Etsy, write that book, draw up that business plan, blog, or do some consulting on the side. Tapping into that entrepreneurial spirit does more than just multiply revenue streams, it is you expressing yourself and your ideas to the world! Weaken the grip of paycheque-addiction and discover new gifts and a little extra play money.

7. Read More Offline Than Online

In the past few weeks, I have cut back time on Facebook and Twitter, which has made space for more important and enlightening reads. What books call to you, but collect dust as you surf the web, pin-it, or tweet? Books are buddies that are bursting at the bindings with inspiration, insight, and adventure. Go on, just try a page, you'll wonder what took so long.

10. Make Millions . . . Of Powerful Thoughts, Moments, And, Yes, Dollars

Why not?

11. Discover A New Mentor

An author, a community member, someone you admirefind successful examples and learn from the success patterns of others to help you get the results you desire. I love doing interviews for this reasonyou would be surprised how much you can learn by just asking a question. Mentors are like signposts or maps pointing you in the right direction. Receive the help and guidance that is available to you with gratitude, and PAY IT FORWARD.

12. Cherry Pick Your Pals And Spit Out The Pits

Don't go for the low hanging fruit, pick only the best. Friends can be even more influential than your family, so choose them wisely. When you meet someone you really like, make an effort to spend more time around them. Choose to bring high vibrational people into your life and limit your exposure to those who drain you.

13. Say Yes To Opportunities, Ideas, And Life, And Say No To Time Suckers And Wasters

Are you saying an enthusiastic YES to life? Can you feel passionately engaged in something, if not every hour then at least every day? Don't be a yes person, just live a YES life. Open your heart and soul to what life has to offer and choose to be engaged. No more numbing out, no more avoidanceget in the game and play to win. Win yourself back!

Have a wonderful, magical, and fun 2013!

Nicola Jones is the founder of   Prescription 4 Peace. This popular series, blog and book explores life-changing peaceful practices, products and people from around the globe that has inspired thousands to live a more beautiful life.Nicola is an established Host, Writer and TV producer who has worked for numerous Networks including: CHUM, CTV, ESPN, Can-West Global and The Weather Network. You can watch her every morning on Channel Zero’s CHCH as the Weather Specialist for Morning Live. Also a published writer, you could see her work in several magazines and online and now a special writer to The Okaville Voice.

Certified to teach yoga and meditation Nicola hosts corporate workshops, retreats and seminars. She has trained with Tony Murdock, Kim Eng and The Chopra Centre.