22 Very Best Things About Being a Mom

Nothing Could Have Prepared You For This

how your life changes when you're a mom

You prepared yourself the best you could for the moment that sweet child entered your life. You read, Googled, and asked for advice, but nothing - nothing - could have prepared you for this. 

The best part about being a mom for me is the love I feel for them. I never realized how big my heart would get. And that with each child it grew that much more. I can be overcome with joy just looking at them some days.
Alli C.  


The best part of being a mom is the unconditional love we have for each other.
​Jodene W.


Experiencing the small moments that can't be explained, characterized, or memorized. Those fleeting moments when your child says something profound, mature, grown-up. Those moments that make you savour the little people they are because you've just seen a glimpse that childhood is a blip and time truly does fly. Because you are "mom," you notice this subtle growing-up in a way no one else possibly could. The connection between my kids and I is the greatest part of being a mom.
​Dianne H. 


I feel like I have a purpose, that I found my calling, my true meaning of being me! The best job in the world. I wouldn't want it any other way. I am important & feel wanted & loved.
​Catherine S.


To be told by my kids "Wow, Mom, you were right!" At least they're listening because I'm paying attention.
​Virginia S.

My favorite part is getting to see him discover the world for the first time and sharing in his excitement for things I usually take for granted.
​Jennie D.


When my son helps another child, when he smiles and laughs, or when he says "love you mommy" - that is the best part about being a mom!
​Karla C.


Being a mom slows life down. I have stopped wishing for the next big event to be here. Now a simple day at home that involves a snuggle or a hilarious moment with one of my kids can be more memorable than a big holiday or party.
​Joanne S.


I get to enjoy life like a child again, living childhood again through my children's eyes.
​Angela I.


When my son randomly yells out "Mommy!!! I love you!!!"
​Emma O.


The feeling of true, unconditional love. That warm feeling in my heart that just keeps filling up with love for my child. I feel her feelings in my heart.
​Ann M.

It's the little moments. The way my baby giggles uncontrollably when I give his belly raspberry kisses; the way my daughter grabs my hand sometimes when we walk; the peaceful, comforting way it feels to have a sleeping baby curled up on you and your 3 year-old snuggled next to you.
​Marie P.


For me it's being in tune with my children's emotions. They trust that I understand their struggles and are not afraid to reach out to me for support. I love how our relationship grows and my love for them deepens after a chat. Although the best part is hearing "Thanks, you're the BEST Mom ever!" I'm a very proud Mother:)
​Fatime S.


Getting to experience being a child again through your kids! I love starting traditions with my kids that I never did growing up. I would say the hardest part is seeing them struggle with real issues and not being able to take away that pain or fix it.
​Wanda H.


How rewarding it is. All the effort you put into teaching your child something new and all of the sudden it shines through. Also, how no one else's kisses fix "ouchies" like a moms. Those are the 2 best parts of being a mom for me.
​Evona S.


Experiencing the world through my son's eyes as he grows. It really makes you step back and appreciate the small things.
​Amanda E.


Watching my boys grow into independent young men, and knowing that I had a hand in that. Hugs are good too. 
​Jennifer F.

Hands down is hearing the children laughing! There is no better sound.
​Cady L.


Gaining perspective. Learning again. 
​Amanda C. 


Watching life blossom through the eyes of your child. When they see a plane in the sky and point up with excitement. Or the first time they noticed the ants beneath their feet carrying a crumb. Laying on the ground watching the fluffy white clouds and imaging you see a dinosaur. Children notice the little things in life that we as adults ignore. Living life through their eyes is one the best parts of being a mom.
​Tammy M.


Having your heart grow with so much love.
​Sarah R.


All of the things you learn about yourself and about your capacity for loving someone else in a way you could never have imagined before becoming a mom.
​Tracy I.


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