Single-Mom Sex—BUSTED

When the Kids Catch You in the Act!

Yes, I am a single mother who dates. And yes, I like sex. Being a single mother and having sex is not easy. Trust me.

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If you’re married and your children catch you doing it, well you can at least explain that’s how they came to be and that mommy and daddy love each other and that’s how they show it. Or whatever. But when you’re single, you can’t explain to your child that you love the person (because sometimes you don’t!)

But let me admit this with horror! My daughter caught me having sex. Trust me, I did my VERY best to make sure she would never catch me having sex. But kids, man, they’re smart.

I usually make the man I’m dating come over after she’s asleep. I put her into bed and explain that my friend is coming over to “watch a movie” (In Adult-world, we all KNOW what that means.) I told her too that if my door is closed she is NOT to enter.

We already have that rule in my house because both my daughter and I do like our alone time. Even at age 7, she likes to shut her door and play quietly on her own sometimes. So, if her door is shut, the rule is I have to knock before entering, and only AFTER she says “You can come in.” The same rule goes for me.

In any case, my daughter was in her bed, it was after 9 p.m. and my boyfriend and I headed to my bedroom. I turned on the television (I’m not a loud moaner or anything but one can never be too careful!)

Fast forward to after the (amazing) sex.

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I went to check on my daughter and she was still awake!

“I have to tell you something,” she said. “I looked through the key hole in your bedroom door.”

Keyhole? Keyhole? What KEY HOLE? I didn’t even know there was a keyhole! (It’s an antique door!)

“What were you doing?” she asked.

“Practicing yoga,” I answered. “Now go to sleep. I love you."

I immediately looked into the keyhole to see just how much she had possibly seen. And, oh my, it’s a big keyhole. Though the lights were out, the keyhole looks directly to my bed.

Let’s just say that KEY HOLE is now covered. And let’s just be glad that I actually do practice yoga, sometimes with my daughter, so luckily she did believe it. (I think! I hope!)

In any case, being a single mother and having sex is definitely not as easy as being married and having sex with kids. I don’t think. But you tell me.

Perhaps, for every parent, being “caught” is mortifying. Damn keyhole!

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Rebecca Eckler's most recent books are The Lucky Sperm Club and How to Raise a Boyfriend. She is also the author of the international bestsellers on motherhood, Knocked Up, Wiped!, and Toddlers Gone Wild. She also co-wrote the children's book, The Mischievoious Mom at the Art Gallery with Erica Ehm.