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Book Review: Unto the Breach

Sailing and Suspense For Young Adults

There's nothing like a good adventure, right? Well, a bit of fun can be a good thing but what happens when a trio of teens plan a sailing trip but end up getting more excitement than they bargained for?

Introducing Unto the Breach written by Sidney Gale, an author who is also a doctor and a sailor. His young adult (YA) novel is being reviewed by a 15-year-old guest blogger.

UNTO THE BREACH by Sidney Gale

reviewed by Tyler W. Y.

The novel Unto the Breach is a tale about three 13-year-old boys and their teacher, who embark on a sailing trip around Lake Ontario. The story begins when Anthony Colluci’s principal, Mr. McTavish, announces that the school would be going on a field trip to a place called “Upward Bound”.  Anthony doesn’t feel he would have fun on the field trip, so he turns to his best friend Eric Roseman, who comes up with the idea to sail around Lake Ontario together instead of following the group on the school field trip. Anthony and Eric decide to ask their teacher, Mr. Benson, if it would be okay for him to go on the sailing trip with them, and he agrees. The two ask their parents for permission to go on the trip with their teacher. Eric’s parents said yes right away, while Anthony’s parents took a lot more convincing. Anthony’s parents eventually agreed to let him go after they found another teen, Rob Steele, to go along on the trip since he had some sailing experience. The teens and the teacher set off to sail around Lake Ontario on a boat called a Shark. They expected to have a sailing adventure but didn’t anticipate the trip to turn out like a scene from a suspense thriller! Here is a quote to show the stress the boys were under:

“He’s blown his pupil,” Anthony said. “What the heck does that mean?” Eric asked, “It means his blood clot’s getting bigger. Things are getting worse.” “So what do we do now?” Eric asked.

I thought Unto the Breach was very entertaining and it kept my interest, even though I know next to nothing about sailing. The characters weren’t dull and boring, which helps the reader get into each character’s head. Each teen brought their own personality to the story. For instance, Rob sails with a rich sailing club, while Eric doesn’t have that privilege. One thing I like about the story is it demonstrates that young people can save lives, if they are brave and keep their wits about them. I won't be telling you any more of the drama or details - no spoilers here - so you will have to pick up the book to find out how the story ends. I would recommend this book for ages 12-16. If you’re into sailing, or like medical dramas, then you’ll love this book!


Tyler W. Y. is a 15-year-old high school student who enjoys reading, playing guitar, video games and hanging out with friends.


Sidney Gale is the author of several non-fiction books, a medical doctor and an avid amateur sailor. Unto the Breach is his first work of fiction. You can find out more about the author on his website www.sidneygale.com. Sidney Gale can be followed on Twitter: @SidneyGale and on the Facebook Page: Unto the Breach.


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