2013 Book Recommendations

Looking for a new book that will captivate you?

2013 Book Recommendations

I have a few questions to pose to YMC Bookalicious readers. Do you have a reading strategy for 2013? Did you join a challenge to read a specific number of books this year? Is your plan to tackle the pile on your nightstand? Are you committed to a book club list or just like to wing it as titles pique your interest? Why not share your faves with other avid readers?

For a few months I have been helping Erica pick the winners from the hundreds of entries in our Book Of The Month contests. I must say, I truly look forward to checking out what our YMC members are reading and really enjoy the mini reviews that many of you take the time to share! It’s so refreshing to know that our readers like to suggest great reads and a good number of you come back each month to make book recommendations. I want to encourage all you bookworms to share a favourite book in the YMC Book Of The Month draw for a chance to win this month’s pick which just happens to be (insert drumroll sound)!...

REVENGE OF THE VINYL CAFE by Stuart McLean —recommended by Evelyn S. from WinnIpeg, MB.

Click here to find out what she had to say about the book and enter the contest with your own book suggestion!

Since this blog post is all about sharing, I should get the ball rolling with some standout suggestions from our last batch of Book Of The Month entries.

THE CAT by Edeet Ravel

"When a single mother loses her young son in a tragic accident, she must struggle through her grief to go on living. The Cat is a well written and profound tale of love and loss." —recommended by Bonnie Y. from Vancouver, BC

CLOUD ATLAS by David Mitchell

"This book takes the reader on a circular journey through time. It examines humanity, society and evolution over the course of centuries.  It can be enjoyed as a simple read, or examined as a narrative on what makes us human and how we live as a society." —recommended by Patricia S. from Ottawa, ON

WOMAN'S WORLD by Graham Rawle

"This is a really strange and wonderful book. It is constructed entirely by cutting and pasting words and phrases from various women's magazines from the 1950s. It is quite funny to have these phrases about "getting your whites their whitest" or "satisfying your husband" or whatever, worked into a modern story. The story is about a single young man who lives with his mother, who is tired of hiding his big secret. (I won't say more about that, as I don't want to reveal any spoilers.) It is funny and touching and a quick, easy read." —recommended by Janet K. from Toronto, ON

IRMA VOTH Miriam Toew

"This is a wonderful book about a young Mennonite woman and her family living in Mexico. The woman is in the process of questioning her life when a film crew starts working next door and she works as an interpreter for them. The book contains all of Toews' quirkiness and humour, in the midst of serious subjects. The characters are fabulous, especially the baby!" —recommended by Jocelyn H. from Toronto, ON

NATURAL ORDER by Brian Francis

"In this book an older woman in a nursing home looks back on her life and her relationships with her husband and her son. She loved her gay son but in many instances did not respect him and his choices, and she made some harsh decisions. Despite her flaws, the author draws her character with a great deal of compassion, which makes this a beautiful book." —recommended by Jocelyn H. from Toronto, ON

So dear readers, please feel free to share your reading strategies and book suggestions!

Relish reading,

Wanda Lynne Young