Literature, Lyrics and Love

Finding Your Passion Though Music and Muse

Literature, Lyrics and Love

I have to admit that as far back as I can remember, I've had a long-standing love affair with words. I can't get enough of the written word but it doesn't end with literature, it also extends to my other obsession with music lyrics. On a recent evening I had the opportunity to indulge in both passions at two events that fed all of my senses.

For the first part of the evening I attended author Jodi Picoult's  “Sing You Home” event. The experience was both wonderful and revealing. Jodi read an excerpt from her book, gave us her views on gay rights and shared stories from her 17 year old son’s recent coming out to her family. On a different note, Jodi told us about her interesting experiences going through Canada Customs, her favorite book out of all her own novels, and lightheartedly threatened to kill anyone who gave away the book's ending during the Q&A!

As an extra sensory treat Jodi’s songwriting partner Ellen Wilber performed songs from the companion soundtrack to the book. Yes, if you missed that part in my last blog post the book includes a 10 track CD that goes along with the story development in Sing You Home. Ellen's musical portrayal of Zoe the music therapist is in tune with each chapter's mood as the character tries to find her new voice. Ellen's exquiste Joni Mitchell folk music style adds a demension that is hard to describe in words but the word ethereal seems to fit. 

This "Rock Star" author was very gracious to her fans during the question period. At one point a teenager commented that while her friends liked to gush about the newest Justin Bieber song, she only likes to talk about the latest Jodi Picoult book. In a cute moment, Jodi asked the young lady if she would like her to sing some lyrics to "Baby". The book signing portion was smooth and organized, as it should be with so many fans and their demands, but Jodi took her time making eye contact and addressed each person by name. She even listened to me babble on about her last book "House Rules" while she signed my books.

My second stop was Toronto's Mod Club for Canadian Music Fest to support my favorite London, Ontario based band Metro4 and take in performances by bands like The Birthday Boys and Crash Karma. The five day festival showcases Canadian talent and serves as a kickoff to the Juno's. Check out YMC Blogger @Cbernardi's The B Sides blog for blasts from the Juno past and updates about our next group of Juno greats!

Outside of reading, there’s only one thing I love just as much and that’s music. As a child I was a classically trained pianist with the Royal Conservatory of Music. I loved playing the piano but stressed over the competitions. As the teen years approached I spent more time listening to top 40 radio and was drawn more to songwriting. Having an appreciation for both creative processes I can see where Jodi got the idea for the perfect pairing of literature and lyrics. Sing You Home is basically about love and music is one of the most glorious ways to share this feeling no matter your age, language, culture, or orientation.

 "For Better or worse, music is the language of memory. It is also the language of love."  - Sing You Home

The whole evening's experience managed to awakened my buried passion for lyrics so much so that I feel the desire to dust off the old notepads and revisit my songwriting skills. Who knows where this new venture will take me, but experience proves that sometimes it's all about the journey and not so much about the destination. Whether we thrive on the love for a person or the love of a craft it shouldn't matter. No judgement right? In an ideal world maybe but were getting there.

Yummy Mummy Book Club

The "Sing You Home" book club chat will take place on March 30th, 9:30 pm EDT. You can follow The Yummy Mummy Book Club updates using the Twitter hashtag #YMBC but please note that we will be using the hashtag #SingYouHome during the discussion and I recommend using TweetChat. During the #SingYouHome Twitter chat I will be running a giveaway for copies of "Sing You Home" courtesy of Simon & Schuster Canada. Follow these handy handles: @YMCbookalicious, @SimonSchusterCa, @JodiPicoult, and @Ellen60. If you want a couple more blog views of the Jodi Picoult event then check YMC Blogger West Coast Chronicles by @EarnestGirl and  Chumplet Writes by author Sandra Cormier aka @Chumplet.

Relish reading,

Wanda Lynne Young


Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult events in Toronto and Vancouver

Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

If you're an avid reader I probably don't need to tell you who Jodi Picoult is. If you frequent the book stores or just glance at the bookshelves in line at the drug store then the name Jodi Picoult should be familiar to you. Maybe you've heard of the bestselling author's popular book titles like "House Rules" or "Nineteen Minutes" or watched one of the many movies based on her books like "My Sister's Keeper" on the big screen or "The Tenth Circle" on the small screen. 

There's no disputing this author's talent and charm but this time around Jodi Picoult is singing a different song with her new novel "Sing You Home". Her new novel is actually a unique treat from a multimedia perspective. The hardcover book includes a CD of music to go along with the story! Picoult wrote the lyrics and the songstress Ellen Wilber composed the music and sings on the CD. This original music is in the voice of the novel's main character, Zoe, who happens to be a music therapist. This narrative promises to push some buttons, tackling the topic of gay rights and dealing with the issues around identity, love, marriage, parenthood and family.

A few months ago the Yummy Mummy Book Club had the pleasure to participate in Jodi's worldwide "House Rules" book club chat and now we're happy as songbirds to read her new novel "Sing You Home" and chat about it on March 30th.

I'm sure many of you will put this book on your to-read list but I have some more really fantabulous news for Picoult fans! If you live near Toronto or Vancouver then you have the opportunity to join Jodi for one of her special Canadian "Sing You Home" events. At this awesome event Jodi will read from "Sing You Home", participate in a Q&A, and sign books and Ellen will be performing the music from the book, live! The Toronto event is March 10th and the Vancouver event is March 13th. I will be attending the event in Toronto along with some of my #YMBC gals so let me know if you plan to go!

About the Author Event

Simon & Schuster and Indigo Books present an evening with Jodi Picoult and live music with Ellen Wilber

Thursday, March 10th:  Toronto

Sunday, March 13th: Vancouver


About the Author

You can visit Jodi Picoult's website , follow her on Twitter and find her on Facebook.

For more information on "Sing You Home" you can read an excerpt from the book, check out the Sing You Home book trailer and music and listen to Jodi's podcast.



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