The Finalists Are: CBC Canada Reads 2015

The Battle of The Books To Break Barriers

The Finalists Are: CBC Canada Reads 2015

What is the one book to break barriers? That is the question host Wab Kinew posed for the 14th edition of CBC's Canada Reads aka Battle of the Books. This year Canada Reads is all about books that can change perspectives, challenge stereotypes, and illuminate issues. CBC's Canada Reads 2015 debates will start on Monday, March 16th and run until Thursday, the 19th.
On each of the four days one book will be eliminated until a final book is declared the Canada Reads 2015 winner! You can follow along and watch or listen as the battle of the books go down on CBC's Radio show Q with host Wab Kinew. Did you know Kinew successfully defended Joseph Boyden's “The Orenda” in 2014? Which one of the five contenders will win the coveted Canada Reads 2015 title? If you haven't read all the books you still have time to watch the book trailers before the book battle begins! I'm looking forward to attending the Tuesday taping of Canada Reads at the CBC studios thanks to the fine folks at Chapters Indigo and I'm anticipating a very lively debate! Check out CBC's Canada Reads 2015 broadcast schedule and bet on your fave in the book battle! You can see the five books and their celebrity defenders listed below and feel free to chime in with your pick for winner in the comments section.
Defended by Martha Wainwright
Defended by Kristin Kreuk
Defended by Cameron Bailey
Defended by Craig Kielburger
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