The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Have you ever wanted to run away with the circus? Well, hold that thought while I tell you a tale of the marvelously magical adventure to be experienced in Erin Morgenstern's debut novel The Night Circus!

As if out of thin air the circus appears. It arrives without fanfare but does announces its arrival with tall tents dressed in black and white stripes. The wonderful news spreads word of mouth to surrounding towns. What wonders and marvels await beyond the circus gates? A giant clock stands inside and a black sign painted in white letters reads:

                                 Opens At Nightfall

                                  Closes At Dawn

Welcome to Le Cirque des Rêves, the circus of dreams. Both patrons and performers are in for an experience full of wonder and intrigue. This circus isn't just a spectacle full of tarot card readers, clowns, contortionists, fortune-tellers and the like. It's the setting for a contest that has been in the making since Celia and Marco were young children. Their special talents have been honed by their masters who are rival illusionists. The plan is to have their two magicians compete in an extraordinary battle of imagination and wills. Who will win? How will their love story end?

Erin Morgenstern's masterfully marvelous debut novel The Night Circus will leave you transfixed and put you under it's spectacular spell. To find out more read an excerpt from The Night Circus and take in the terrific book trailer video below.




Erin Morgenstern is a writer and a multimedia artist who lives in Massachusetts. She describes all her work as "fairy tales in one way or another." The film rights to The Night Circus have been optioned by Summit Entertainment. You can visit Erin's website and her blog for more information. You can follow @erinmorgenstern on Twitter and find Erin's Author Page on Facebook.


I had the pleasure of speaking with Erin at a Random House of Canada event and invited her to chat with my virtual book club members. She graciously agreed to chat with us! I'm so pleased to announce that Yummy Mummy Book Club #YMBC will be discussing The Night Circus in our Twitter chat with special guest author Erin Morgenstern. The chat is scheduled for Wednedsay, September 12th from 9:30-11:00 PM EDT. Use the hashtag #TheNightCircus and follow host @BookaliciousCa and author @ErinMorgenstern. Keep tabs on the #YMBC Twitter chat updates on To join the YMBC click here to sign up and get a heads up on free books. This promises to be a magical chat so save the date and have your questions and comments ready for @ErinMorgenstern.


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How Can I Be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother

by Relationship Experts Sara Dimerman and J.M. Kearns

How Can I Be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother

The title puts it right out there, How Can I Be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother? and it speaks volumes, especially if you recognize the relationship role where the woman acts as a mother to her man. Sara Dimerman and J.M. Kearns have some advice on how to prevent or get out of the pattern they call the Mother Syndrome. I had the opportunity to ask the authors some questions to help them share their perspective on this destructive relationship dilemma. Read on to find out how to bring back the passion in your partnership.

Interview With Sara Dimerman and J.M. Kearns

How Can I Be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother? identifies the Mother Syndrome as a common relationship problem when it comes to couples. Can you explain this syndrome and why it can grow to become a major issue between partners?

In a healthy couple, both partners nurture each other and support each other. The word "partners" is true of them: they face life as a team, and they share the work (and joys) of a home and family. But in a couple afflicted with the Mother Syndrome, the two spouses have stopped acting as partners. Even though the wife typically has a paid job in the work force like her husband, she does most of the work at home and takes on most of the responsibility, and finds herself feeling like the lone adult in the house: his mother instead of his loving equal. This breeds disappointment, hostility, and resentment. Pretty soon romance, respect, fun—and sex—are drained out of the relationship.


 You describe the five hats that a woman wears when acting as a mother to their man. What are these roles and why shouldn't women incorporate these into their relationship to demonstrate caring or just to get the results they desire?

Our five hats refer to the following areas: cleaning, food, home management, child rearing, and the husband's appearance and etiquette. The first two hats (housekeeping) involve a whole lot of physical work, much of it tedious and hard. If you're doing way more than your fair share of this labour, you're well on your way to being his mother, which is not the role you wanted. The third hat (manager) includes scheduler, social coordinator, list maker, and overall logistics manager. It adds up to who is running the place, and who lies awake at night worrying. A home should have two CEOs, not one. Otherwise you end up being his boss in the place where you spend most of your together time. The child-rearing hat is obviously a huge and crucial area: raising children into viable adults is an endless job, a labour of love at its best, but that doesn't mean it shouldn’t be shared. If he ends up out of the loop and not to be relied on, then you aren't a team in your most important couple mission. Our last hat (appearance and etiquette) is when you find yourself being your spouse's coach on what to wear and how to act in public. When you start feeling like your husband can't or won't comport himself like an adult without your intervention, that really rings the "mom" bell.

Bottom line: sacrificing a healthy relationship doesn't demonstrate caring, and is too high a price to pay for "getting the results you want." Caring should be a two-way street. Better that he should demonstrate his caring by doing his share of the work, and forming a true team with you that faces challenges and responsibilities together. Otherwise you are going to pay the penalty for becoming his mother, which very simply is that a happy marriage goes out the window.


 Invariably, couples end up settling into some sort of a routine, but sometimes this means the division of labour ends up resembling duties akin to "doing gender." Should couples try to avoid these stereotyping roles?

The answer is yes, because most of the work of a home was traditionally considered "woman's work" (for very shaky reasons which we deconstruct in the book). So unless you and your hubby break free from stereotypes, he'll get a free pass. Women have stepped up and moved into the labour force; women even do jobs that were once considered ultra-manly (trial attorney, soldier, crisis manager, leader, etc). So why shouldn't men do their share of laundry, cleaning, meal making, and parenting? (Yet research shows women are still doing between two-thirds and three-quarters.) We show in the book that a fair allocation of tasks is not as hard to achieve as it might seem. And it has huge restorative powers for couples.


 Some single men might think that having a woman dote on them would be a rewarding perk in their relationship. What warning would you have for the men who feel the Mother Syndrome sounds like a good deal for them?

A man who has turned into a child in his wife's eyes does not generally feel happy about it. It doesn't feel like she dotes on him. He feels disrespected, resented, demoted, bossed around, left out of the loop. (When that loop includes children, his natural desires as a parent get squelched.) He notices that the emotional weather is bad between him and his wife, their sex life has gone south, they aren't loving and playful like they used to be. A guy (if he is not fair-minded) may like the fact that his wife does most of the chores, but when the penny drops that that is why his main relationship is in trouble, he isn't going to think it's such a perk.  


 What would you recommend in a situation where one partner is not on the same page as the other, "comfortably numb," resistant to change or just refusing to acknowledge there's a problem in their relationship?

There are cases where a man can't be reached, where he has given up on having a happy marriage and doesn't have enough good will left to make an effort. But we believe marriages like that usually have problems that go beyond the Mother Syndrome. So in our book we make the case for optimism. We guide the wife through a step-by-step process that can get her spouse onboard and lead to real change. It begins with understanding the problem (Part 1) and continues in Part 2 with overturning the false justifications that keep the Mother Syndrome in place (and abandoning the blame game). Then Part 3 focuses specifically on how to talk this through with your husband. We provide a detailed strategy for clearing the air emotionally, getting your wish list straight (though it may well evolve once you and he get down to brass tacks), and negotiating in a positive, blame-free way with your husband, to re-balance your respective contributions and get back to being a team again. When that happens, the door is opened for the kind of loving, equal relationship most couples want.

Sara Dimerman is a relationship expert, therapist, parent educator, and the author of Am I A Normal Parent? and Character Is The Key: How To Unlock The Best In Our Children And Ourselves. You can find out more about the author and get in on great relationship advice by visiting her website You can also follow Sara on Twitter @HelpMeSara and find Help Me Sara on Facebook
J.M. Kearns is the author of the bestselling relationship book Why Mr. Right Can't Find You, the follow up book Shopping For Mr. Right, and Better Love Next Time. You can visit J.M.'s website for more information on his insightful books here:
I recommend you visit to check out an excerpt from the book and take the HCIBYLWITBBYM quiz. You can also check out Sara and J.M.'s podcast packed with all kinds of tips and tricks to get your relationship back on track!
Join authors Sara Dimerman & J.M. Kearns at Indigo Yorkdale in Toronto as they launch their new book How Can I Be Your Lover When I'm Too Busy Being Your Mother? on Saturday, August 18th at 2:00pm. Check out the book launch Facebook Event invite for more details and I hope to see you there!
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Author J.M. Kearns photo credit: Alexsey Moryakov