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Makeup That Works for Me

Excellent Canadian Made Cosmetics

by: Erica Ehm

This week I shared my fave new face cream, my $15 new summer dress and my fave new sexy and comfy shoes.

When it comes to makeup, I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the way it makes me look *when applied properly.* I hate buying it because I never know what the heck to buy.  Sometimes swag bags hold my future fave products.

When I was on CityLine for the Blogger Special, one of the products in our gift bags was Liquid Cover Up by Vasanti. The way it covers up my dark circles and bags makes a huge difference to the way I look, especially on camera.

I've been using this concealer for over a month so far and I love it. It has great coverage, it seems to reflect light around the darker part of my eye and it blends so nicely into my skin. Serious thumbs up.

Since then, I've also tested out the Eye Wonder Triple Action Peptide Eye Cream. Although my beauty guru Dan Thompson claims eye creams are unnecessary, I actually like this product. My eyes feel less puffy and my "life experience" laugh lines seem minutely lessened. It's probably in my mind, but what the heck, it makes me feel better.

The only other Vasanti product I've had the pleasure of testing is their Vitamin E Infused Lipshine. I'm not a fan of heavy, sticky lip gloss, so this was another thumbs up for me. There was just enough pigment in the pink to add colour, but not unnaturally bright, which is a personal pet peeve.

So, who is this Vasanti Cosmetics? It's a Canadian company run by three women who manufacture locally. Awesome! Not only do I look good, I'm also helping woman and our local economy.

That's beautiful.