Erica Ehm Exposed!


YMC Wins Prestigious Digital Media Award

But I Need an acceptance speech Do-Over

by: Erica Ehm

I am so incredibly proud that won the award for Best in Digital Lifestyle Entertainment at the Digi Awards last night.

To be honest, I dreamed of a day when they would call out YMC's name and that sparkling statue would have our name on it, just like in the Academy Awards.


I'd rush up on stage, deliver my heart-wrenching, powerful thank you speech, and walk off on cloud nine.

That's not exactly what happened last night. Do you know how incredibly hard it is to keep your nerves in check, go on stage and pour your heartfelt thanks out in 140 characters in front of your peers? Let me tell you, it is next to impossible. Especially when you haven't prepared a speech because you didn't believe you would win.

Last night, when the presenter called out Yummy Mummy Club for Best in Lifestyle Entertainment, I guess I went into some kind of winner shock. I lost my ability to focus. I stood in front of the mic and mumbled something about awesome bloggers, amazing staff, sense of community and then I dropped the "f" word, grabbed my statue and stepped off stage, head swirling.

I crumbled under the pressure and excitement and wasted my speech. 

So here's my re-do—What I wish I had said on stage.

I would begin with an elegant thanks to everyone at Achilles Media, especially Mark Greenspan, for this amazing opportunity. And of course, a shout out to the thousands of moms and dads for visiting YMC and making it come to life with their comments, stories and contest entries.

Then, I would thank Jen Charron and Ali Martell for helping me bring YMC to the next level with their vision, creativity, and unbelievable work ethic.


I'd thank Sharon DeVellis for not coming to the awards show (apparently guaranteeing we'd win), but more importantly for being there at the beginning and continuing to help me craft the voice and foundation of what YMC is all about.

Shout out to Karen Elliott, the very first person I nervously hired through Craigslist five years ago and Gwen Leron who has become such an integral part of the team.

Of course Eileen Fisher would get a huge verbal hug for being the Radar O'Reilly of Community Managers. My sister-in-law Susie, aka The Prize Queen, gets a big virtual kiss.

I smile out to Adina Moss and Jenn Howe, the quiet and steady force which keeps our engine going.

Ann Loo gets thanks for making my company's dollars make sense, while Evan Trestan and his team at Lifestyle Media gets a high five for being my talented TV production partner for all these years based on a handshake.

Mia Parnes, who designed our new logo and Mike, Cam and Matt at Razorbraille who helped us make the site innovative.

Next I would articulate my pride in working with so many talented, passionate writers who make up the tapestry of voices on YMC. Of course, I'm referring to the forty bloggers spread out around Canada who surprise me on a daily basis with their unique posts, expertise and for exposing their personal foibles fearlessly.

*Cue applause*.

Segueing from bloggers, I would go on a bit of a rant about our newest writer, my mother Evelyn Hannon, and how she inspires me every day by being a role model both personally and professionally. I *may* wipe a tear at this point. Of course my dad would be thanked for instilling in me a taste for entrepreneurship and for being my business coach.

Of course, I would end up with a huge thank you to my husband Terry who supports me in every way. Without him, I wouldn't be the person I am today. He, my daughter Jessie and son Josh make me feel like the yummiest of mummies because of their unconditional love and acceptance. *Lips quiver but no tears. Just a look of pure joy*

Grabs statue and fist pumps the air in victory pose. Exit right. Cue the wine.

Thank you everyone for making this possible.