Dr. Trina Read: Beyond the Bedroom


Have a Lazy Day Love-In

Eat Drink Love: Creating happy relationships with food and drink

Very excited to announce my new video series called Eat Drink Love. It's all about creating happy relationships and memories with yummy food and drink. Here is the first attempt at creating this video series and any feedback you have is greatly appreciated.

Have a Lazy Day Love-In

Ever have one of those couple-fighting days? No matter how you try to stay out of each other's way, you are still grating on each other's last nerve...

Here's our Eat Drink Love suggestion on how to make your relationship better: eat some pie. Oh and while you're at it throw a little yummy'ness into your coffee. Then spend a Lazy Day Love-in with each other. Here's how.

To find out how to make this delicious (and easy) pie & coffee visit EatDrinkLoveTV.com