How Body Image Can Affect Your Sex Life

Dr. Trina chats with Marilyn Denis about how to get naked in front of your partner.

How Body Image Can Affect Your Sex Life

This past July I appeared on the Marilyn Denis show with three other (fantastic!) experts to do an hour long show on women's sexuality and learned something new from every segment. A big shout out to Marilyn Denis for putting this show together!

What surprised me the most were the results from the online survey conducted by the producers of the Marilyn Denis show. Watch the entire show and find out those results.

My segments was on women's body image. Let me tell you, it's one of the harder topics I tackle in my profession. Self-esteem expert Fred Connors shows one divorcee how to find her self-confidence and I spoke about how body image can affect you sex life.

Three simple steps to easing into undressing.

 Lingerie doesn’t have to be teeny weeny in order to signal to your partner you’re feeling sexy. Try silk pants and a tank top. Something different from your usual pajamas, but still leave you covered up.

 Turn down the lights, but don’t turn off the lights. Everyone looks good in low lighting. And men are driven by what they see.

 Have your partner touch your least favourite body part in a non-sexual way. Over time, you’ll start to associate that area of your body with this tender touching, instead of the negative self-talk.

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Is It Chatting or Cheating?

When does online flirting cross the relationship line?

Is It Chatting or Cheating?

When does innocent chatting online become cheating? Tough question and yet with the advent of social media it's something couples need to talk about.

Here's what I had to say on Breakfast TV Calgary with hosts Tara Slone and Ted Henley. Click here to watch the segment.

Here's some of the things we covered

With the advent of technology making ‘cheating’ so easy, what can someone do if they suspect their partner is cheating?
Are there studies on online cheating?
How can a couple negotiate a flirty/ chatty relationship that both feel comfortable with?
What’s the bottom line to someone who’s not sure what constitutes crossing the flirtation line?

Watch what we had to say.

What are your thoughts about when online chatting becomes cheating?