Plan the Perfect Valentine's Date - With Your Friends

Do you want to feel romantic and sexy with your partner on Valentine's Day? Go out with your girlfriends first.

Plan the Perfect Valentine's Date - With Your Friends

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Some people genuinely like going out with their sweetie on Valentine's Day. Kudos to them as it truly is admiral taking the time, effort and expense to show your love and appreciation.

And then there's the rest us who are apathetic and dislike Valentine's Day because it feels so contrived: cringing at the thought of sitting in a crowded restaurant exchanging hastily bought cards, (ungratefully) thinking, “Oh look, chocolates for a present...well that's original.”

If Valentine's Day isn't your thing, that doesn't mean you should waste the day. In fact, there's a win/ win where you are excited about going out and at the end of the evening feel sexy and romantic. The trick is to go out with your girlfriends.

The Perfect Valentine's Night Out

Picture this: on Valentine's around 7:00ish you leave the kids and sweetie at home, meet up with your pals for a few drinks, delicious appies, and most importantly precious bonding time. Inevitably at some point in the evening there will be a throw-your-head-back and cackle fest; where someone has said something outrageously crude/rude and you all raise the roof with laughter.

Now that I'm entrenched in the young kids' treadmill, being apart of those precious times are like a dearly needed balm. Best of all, when I come back home everything seems a bit more sparkly. I am 'good' mom, my husband is suddenly way more attractive, I don't notice or mind cleaning up the mess that some how didn't get cleaned up while I was away.

You know what? I'm not alone. Many a woman has confessed she feels A LOT more sexually energized and romantic after a night out with her friends. Here are a few suggestions to plan the perfect night out or in with your friends.



Plan a Gal's Night In

Don't stress trying to book a table in an over crowded restaurant or pub; it's far better to plan a night in. There’s nothing better than wearing comfy clothes, drinking cheap drinks and watching a stack of chick flicks while eating takeout. You will come home to your partner happy, in a wonderful over-indulged haze.

Going Out? Get Super Sexy

If you do decide to venture out, make sure to wear your most sexy outfit. You know the one that you bought on a whim but never totally feel comfortable wearing out in public. Tonight is the night to gather all your courage and bring out the 'girls' and/ or show off your favorite body part out. With your friend's positive girl-power reinforcement, you will feel super sexy once you get home to your partner. Then you can let the real party begin!

Why Not Make It a Spa Night?

Is there anything more luxurious than having a mani/ pedi/ massage done. Perhaps sipping champagne exchanging gossip with your pals while in bathrobes as someone fusses over you. I'm tingly just thinking about it. Maybe this seems like a complete pipe-dream, but if your sweetie has NO idea what to get you for Valentine's Day they might be relieved to know it's a simple as a spa gift card. And FYI — a good massage can do wonders for your libido.

What Are You Waiting For? Call Your Gal Pals NOW!

Yes, there's a lot to be said about to some much needed 'me time' so that you can come back to your partner on Valentine's Night and understand the importance of what this day is about: showing your partner appreciation and love. So much easier to do after a fun night out filled with cocktails and laughter.


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