Dr. Trina Read: Beyond the Bedroom


The Kama Sutra is a Dull Read

If you've read the original Kama Sutra cover to cover it's an incredibly dull and tedious book.

Ask anyone to name a sex book and The Kama Sutra  will inevitably be in their top five. The irony of the original Kama Sutra is if you've read it cover to cover, which I have, it's an incredibly dull and tedious book.

One of the most famous books about the art of sex and love was written by a celibate scholar and only devotes about 20 percent of its writings to the legendary sex positions.

In fact, the book is in large part about teaching women about the 64 arts of love which include: painting and decorating, science of aqueducts, gambling, sports, pastry making and chemistry.

According to The Kama Sutra a woman needed to earn the title of ‘Ganika,’ an expert in these arts. A woman achieving Ganika status would be favored above all the wives by her husband.

And FYI—all the writing around the sexual experience was meant for the man to get maximum pleasure. I appreciate when it was written that was the way things were, but things have changed. The new Kama Sutra needs several chapters devoted to R-E-S-P-E-C-T and mutual sexual satisfaction.