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Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream: BUSTED!

A Good All Purpose Product

Recently a reader asked me to review this Avon product. I have to say I was very surprised. I hadn’t looked at an Avon product for many years and I had the impression it really wasn’t a major player in the cosmetics industry. I know they have a great market share but I really have to admit I was quite ignorant about the advances they have made in their offering. Just goes to show even the Beauty Buster can learn a thing or two.

Avon Anew Genics Treatment Cream ($42 for 50 mL)

Of course, I caution against buying into the marketing hype around the so called "Youth Gene Technology." I have written before about how there is no topical product that can manipulate the genetic code of the human body and this product is no exception. However, it is actually fairly well formulated and includes many ingredients I would encourage consumers to seek.


1. Glycolic Acid included to really resurface the skin while hydrating. AHA’s are a great way to polish and refine the texture of the skin and reduce discolouration.

2. Cell communicating peptides to rapidly speed up the desired results. 

3. Trace minerals to reinforce the skin’s natural protective abilities.


1. Excessive filler used to build volume in the jar. A lot of filler can dilute the actives.

2. Fragrance added – the most common sensitizing agent in cosmetics and really serves no purpose in skincare.

3. Dye added – also an intense sensitizer.

Overall – well priced, well formulated and actually able to deliver on promises.

The results will take time (up to 4 weeks) but they will appear. Avon has a well positioned product here. A good all purpose product that will work for day and night.