Embrace Your Shape

When It Comes to Self-Image, Leave Yourself Some Wiggle Room

When it comes to body image I think a positive message is all in the wording. For instance, I still have the hourglass figure of my youth, I just have to stand sideways now to see it.

Some of you know exactly what I mean. For the rest of you who are too young for this I promise it will never happen to you. Would I lie? The fact is, some of my measurements are still the same as when I was 20 but they have just shifted location. I suspect that the top two have done a reversal but that is what push-ups and Spanx were created to correct and according to my friend this progression has a purpose. To quote: When we are young our breast are ornamental. When we are older they are to nurture, and as we age they become lap warmers.

Now don’t get me wrong. Working out and keeping in shape are important but no one has informed my DNA that as a modern North American woman I do not want to be a 250 lb. peasant woman from the hinterlands chewing on garlic and waddling beside my Yak. Honestly I do participate at the local gym but I wish there were classes designed for my interests. They all have words like pump, crunch or blast. What’s wrong something like undulate until you feel great or wiggle till you giggle?

Truthfully I’m comfortable with myself having a little roundness. I was out at a women’s evening and one of the speakers was a breast cancer survivor. She explained how her breast replacements were taken from her belly fat. The emcee lit up and said, Hey everyone. I’m not overweight. I’m just growing a second pair! Everyone roared.

So when it comes to self image lighten up and be willing to give yourself a little wiggle room. Happy undulating!

Deborah is a 40-something year old mother of one. She was once a medical social worker but is now an artist who has exhibited her art in Europe. She has also been known to be up late at night gluing penne together for last minute school projects.

Deborah enjoys science fiction, comic strips, travel, great food shared with friends and family. She never laughs as hard as when she shares with other women.