Seeing Yourself Through Someone Else's Eyes
If I had one wish for my friends—and for you—it’s that for one brief moment you were able to see yourself through my eyes.
You wouldn't encourage your child to try to make her feet smaller or body taller and you shouldn't encourage your growing and healthy child to lose weight.
Laugh Lines Are Reminders Of A Life Full Of Laughter
We need to talk to our girls about beauty. And our girls need to talk to us. This is an important conversation to have.
While Posh Spice thinks her body is the standard size, women around the world may beg to differ.
Staying active and healthy is important, but don’t be so hard on yourself. This mum learned to embrace her “roundness” and love herself for it!
With the changes pregnancy, and a baby, brings, many of us can lose confidence is who we are and how we look.
Getting over the fear of being naked and being comfortable in your own skin.
Have you seen this new video by Colbie Caillat about not adhering to the beauty standards in our society? Ashley Macinnis is not sold on the message.