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Pretty Mother's Day Gifts With a Floral Twist

flowers every mother will love


Along with precious handmade gifts brought proudly home from school, Mother's Day is a time women receive flowers from the ones we love. I happen to love fresh flowers and try to have them in my home at all times. Many moms, however,  prefer a gift that lasts a bit longer. So, I thought it would be a fun challenge to come up with flowers every mother will love. Flowers that will stand the test of time, and serve as a stylish reminder of the thoughtfulness of those we love most.

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1. This gorgeous blouse is from one of my favourite shops, Zara. $45.90

2. Home is truly where the heart is and this cushion from Chapters Indigo says it all.  $49.50.

3. This mixed stone necklace from Stella and Dot is just about the prettiest bouquet you can wear. $89.00

4. Floral cushions, like this colourful one from Tonic Living, turn any room into a happy space. $66.95

5. Art is always a thoughtful gift. This abstract floral print by Canadian artist, Yangyang Pan, is stunning. $30.89 and up

6. A floral clutch is the perfect feminine accessory. This one is from Chapters Indigo. $28.00