Christmas Ideas for the Marthas in Your Life

appliances that add style and function to any kitchen

Christmas Ideas for the Marthas in Your Life

I love Christmas. And I admit it: I love getting presents. And because I love getting lots of gifts, I like finding everything at a great price. Then I can get more. Selfish? Maybe. But also smart.

So when Walmart asked me to check out these four small appliances for holiday gifts I was all over it.

We are renovating our ugly kitchen and I have no excuse not to learn how to use something more complicated then my toaster. Plus I want stylish accessories appliances to adorn my beautiful new counters.

Before I go any further, let’s be honest. Not everyone likes to get appliances for Christmas. But some of us do.

If you like to get your Martha on in the kitchen, then keep reading.

If getting an appliance for Christmas makes you see red, and not in a festive way, then you should stop reading and go over to our Yummy Holiday Shopping Guide for tips on how to kickstart your shopping and save your sanity.

Crock Pot Trio Cook and Serve $48.00
I love to entertain but, like I said, I am not exactly a star in the kitchen. I find it nearly impossible to have everything ready at the same time. The Crock Pot Trio Cook and Serve will now be my secret weapon. It comes with, you guessed it, three 2.5 qt crock pots with individual controls. You can have pasta sauce in one, pasta in another and garlic bread in the third. Pasta night at my house!

Wall Candy tip: look for appliances that are low maintenance and easy to clean.

GE 4 in1 Grill $49.00
This one goes in the It’s For You But Really For Me category. I think it would be a great gift for the guy in your life. It’s like a barbeque for the kitchen. Plus it makes quesadillas, paninis and pancakes. Yum! My husband’s idea of making a meal in the kitchen usually involves bread and a condiment. But I am pretty sure I could woo him into making something edible for our whole family on this sleek grill.

Wall Candy tip: pick items that will be easy to store to keep kitchen clutter to a minimum

Classic Series KitchenAid® Stand Mixer $188
I may be the only grown woman in the world that does not own a mixer. I have wanted one for years but could not justify spending $500. This KitchenAid mixer is now under $200 which makes me one happy woman. If you like to bake but are on a budget like me this is perfect for your wish list.

Wall Candy tip: choose appliances that work hard to make your busy day easier.

Tassimo Single Serve Beverage System $93.88
I already have a Tassimo but that is why it is on this list. I love to make people feel welcome when they come to my house but I can’t make a cup of coffee to save my life. Luckily my Tassimo does it for me. Along with lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate and tea. Cheers to that.

Wall Candy tip: If you plan on displaying an appliance on your counter, choose one that fits with the rest of the style of your kitchen. When in doubt, choose stainless steel.

So to review, I am a clearly a really crappy cook. But one thing I do know, is how to choose appliances that not only work hard but look stylish while doing it. Walmart has got you covered in the kitchen at unbeatable prices. Happy shopping!

Tell me honestly, how do you feel about getting a small appliance for Christmas? {one that doesn’t come with batteries}

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This Art Speaks To Me

modern word art that makes a bold statement

This Art Speaks To Me

I lived in Stockholm for a year and fell in love with Swedish design. These prints, by Therese Sennerholt, are one of my favourite new discoveries. I found them on the site dwelling gawker {which I now also love}.

I'll let the art speak for itself...

{sometimes I surprise myself by being pretty damn fantastic}

and my personal favourite:

Don't you love them!!


I Know This Much Is True

kitchen reno: putting it all together

I Know This Much Is True

Gunn Family Kitchen Reno {First 3 Days}

I have been in kitchen reno hell for 3 days now.

Only it’s not the reno part that’s hell. It’s the decision part.

My Own Private I Don’t Know.

Granite or quartz?
Hood or over the range microwave?
Reduce the window trim or change the cabinet layout?
Where exactly on the doors do I want the knobs?
And on and on and on......and guess what? I. Don’t. Know.

One thing I do know is that I want my new kitchen to be perfect. As perfect as my tight budget will allow it to be.

Also, I want to make all of the decisions. That way I'll have only myself to blame if I don’t like any details. My designer friends on twitter have been a huge help though, giving me opinions and sharing ideas and resources. Thanks ladies!

Most of the decisions have been made and now I just need to sit back and watch it come together. And sort out a backsplash that is not 10x my budget like the beautiful marble one I found. Stupid budgets.

Here is a sneak peek at the progress so far: