Home Is Where Your Heart Is

If You're With Family, You're Always Home

Home Is Where Your Heart Is

When I was a child, I grew up living in the same house. My parents did not sell our family home until I was out of university. It houses every one of my childhood memories. I can still picture my pink Strawberry Shortcake themed bedroom. I can remember roller skating in the basement, playing in the woods behind our backyard, and the living room that we barely allowed to sit in and in which we were NEVER allowed to eat or drink.

Home Stagers Are The Rocks Stars Of The Real Estate World

I planned on the same experience for my children...minus the food ban in the living room - pretty sure that was an 80s thing. 

I had poured my DIY heart in to every room of our home since before my sons were born. I literally painted every single wall (more than once) and a lot of the furniture myself. I stenciled. I built walls. I painted a mural for my oldest son and created art for several other spaces. 

Now the boys and I are in a new house. It's beautiful and bright. It's peaceful and happy. Even so, it does not yet feel like "home." I am still coming to terms with leaving our old home. I miss the memories around each corner. Everyone says I can take the memories with me, and I did, but it's been hard. 

DIY: The Dirtiest Word In The Design World

Even so, I am looking forward to a fresh start, empty rooms to style, and walls to paint. Most of all, I look forward to the memories we will make here together.

Stay tuned for room reveals and DIY projects at The Gunn House. Here's a little peek of the one corner I've styled so far. A week in and I am still looking for my damn hammer.