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Top Five Cursive Fonts

the prettiest cursive fonts on the web

I admit it. I am a font snob. You will never see comic sans near anything I do. And I have to say, I am so not a fan of the London Olympics 2012 font. At all. It's too angular and pointy for me:

I can {and have} spend hours searching for the perfect font. It makes me happy when I find the right one to suit what I am doing. Stylish cursive fonts are especially hard to find. I did discover some fantastic ones recently and, because sharing is caring, I am hooking you up with them too.


These are my top five free cursive fonts:


Where to find them:
lavendaria I simply glamorous I jenna sue I honey script I windsong

Looking for more great fonts? See my top five all-caps fonts here.


Do you have a favourite font? Or a least favourite one? Please share it below in the comments!