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kitchen reno: putting it all together

Gunn Family Kitchen Reno {First 3 Days}

I have been in kitchen reno hell for 3 days now.

Only it’s not the reno part that’s hell. It’s the decision part.

My Own Private I Don’t Know.

Granite or quartz?
Hood or over the range microwave?
Reduce the window trim or change the cabinet layout?
Where exactly on the doors do I want the knobs?
And on and on and on......and guess what? I. Don’t. Know.

One thing I do know is that I want my new kitchen to be perfect. As perfect as my tight budget will allow it to be.

Also, I want to make all of the decisions. That way I'll have only myself to blame if I don’t like any details. My designer friends on twitter have been a huge help though, giving me opinions and sharing ideas and resources. Thanks ladies!

Most of the decisions have been made and now I just need to sit back and watch it come together. And sort out a backsplash that is not 10x my budget like the beautiful marble one I found. Stupid budgets.

Here is a sneak peek at the progress so far: