How to Organize Your Minivan So It's Functional and Stylish

My Minivan, My Home

How to Organize Your Minivan So It's Functional and Stylish

How to Organize Your Minivan So It's Funtional and In Style

Like most moms, my minivan is like a second home. We have a Dodge Grand Caravan, which I just found out has been the best-selling minivan for over 29 years. That's older than I am...okay fine...almost older than I am. Whether it is driving across the country to visit our family in Nova Scotia each summer, chauffeuring the kids to their activities, or just running errands, it has to be organized. And if you know me at all, the organization has to look good. 

I like to think of the minivan as having three zones: the parent zone {in the front}, the kid zone {second row} and the storage zone {the back row and storage area.}

Here are tips to keep each zone stylishly organized. 

The Parent Zone

For the parent zone, I need to have access to electronic devices and chargers, my purse, and drinks. I house electronics in a small basket between the seats, behind the centre console. I only allow the kids to use these for long road trips, so when they are not in the basket, it is freed up for snack storage or to hold my smaller handbags.

The Kid Zone

In this area, I like to give the kids easy access to items that will keep them entertained. This comes in really handy when you spend close to ten hours in the van on a long road trip. Trust me. I have a sturdy basket stocked with books and toys in between the two seats. We rotate the items frequently. The kids love that they can reach everything themselves. And so do I.

I also love the in-floor storage bins. I use them to store all of my breakable treasures on the trip back from Nova Scotia and for the boys’ ‘treasures’ the rest of the year.

The Storage Zone

As long as I am not lugging around large pieces for my latest DIY project, I keep the last row of seats up and use the storage area behind them to keep me organized. This area can serve so many purposes. Bins help keep items in place: one houses blankets, umbrellas and a first aid kit, another holds groceries and the last, sporting equipment. For larger grocery trips, you can empty the other two. The bags above are perfect for lightweight items like pull-ups, wipes and a change of clothes for my younger son, who is still potty training.

I have to confess: I was not always this organized. But after being fed up with crawling all over my minivan looking for a small toy or a roll-away apple, I went shopping for the bins and bags and for less than $40.00. Now, I have no more excuses for a messy minivan. And now, neither do you!

Back to school chaos, car pool etiquette, what to love about minivans...
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The Perfect Fall Craft: Yarn-Wrapped Pumpkins

Autumn DIY

The Perfect Fall Craft: Yarn-Wrapped Pumpkins

The traditional colours of autumn and Halloween do not work in my pastel world, so I love experimenting with Halloween DIY projects. Other years, I have painted pumpkins, made spooky silhouettes, created wine bottle collages using Martha Stewart Halloween labels and created a free word art printable.

This year I was inspired by one of the only things I love about fall—cozy cable knit sweaters. I wrapped craft pumpkins in "sweaters" for my entrance way vingette. The look is cozy and one that can be on display all season.


craft pumpkins (which I got for a steal at the end of last fall)
double-sided tape

How To:

Run several pieces of double-sided tape vertically down the side of the pumpkin.
Starting from the top, begin wrapping the pumpkin in the yarn, pressing it in place as you come to each piece of tape. Make sure you pull it tight as you go. 
When you get close to the bottom, also wrap double-sided tape horizontally around the pumpkin. The yarn will start to slip otherwise. Once you get to the bottom of the pumpkin, trim the excess yarn. 
Use felt to add a heart or maybe to spell FALL on a series of four pumpkins.

I think the cozy pumpkins fit in perfectly with the soft colours of our home, don't you? Because yarn comes in a rainbow of colours, you could customize them to co-ordinate with any colour scheme.

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Five Stylish Organization Ideas for Bloggers

Blissful Blogger Must-Haves

Five Stylish Organization Ideas for Bloggers

Now that the kids are organized and back to school, it's our turn. I don't know about you, but September feels more like a new year than January does. I feel the need to get organized. Whether your home office is in the kitchen, on the couch or at the coffee shop, here are five items to make blogging more organized, in style.


1. I know so many of us use an iSomething for everything, but sometimes I like to kick it old school. A clipboard comes in handy when going to conferences, meetings or making notes. I love this one from Pencil Shavings Studio.

2. Colourful desk accessories mean you will keep your desk tidy, right? Okay, maybe not, but they can make organizing paper work more fun. These aqua accessories from Chapters Indigo will add a pop of happy colour to your desk.

3. We all require a little inspiration from time to time. Displaying a piece of art that speaks to you can help keep you focused or get you back on track when you are in a rut. 

4. Every blogger needs a business card that reflects their personal style. These floral ones from Penny Paper Co. are right on trend.

5. For those of us who like to blog on the couch, a lap desk is a must-have. {It's also great for propping your computer on in bed so you can watch an entire season of Homeland on Netflix. At least, that's what I've heard.}

I can't wait see friends, new and old, and to get inspired at BlissDom Canada. Come say hi! I will be the one with a pretty clipboard. ;)

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