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Michelle Obama's Evolution of Mom Dancing

First Lady Gets Jiggy with Jimmy Fallon

In case you needed more proof that the First Lady rocks, here it is. In order to put her money where her mouth is and to get kids engaging in healthy lifestyles, Mrs Obama took to the stage to dance with a wig and pink sweater-wearing Jimmy Fallon in the "Evolution of Mom Dancing." Boy, can that Lady move. Now all I can picture is her and Barrack breaking out the disco ball and getting jiggy in the White House afterhours.

Moms everywhere join me in nodding and laughing and dancing. Now get your kids on their feet as part of Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign and get your groove on. There are so many moves to choose from, like "Just The Hands Part Of 'All The Single Ladies'" and "The 'Where's Your Father?' (Get Him Back Here!)"