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Why This Mom Says You Should Have Sex—Every Single Day

It's a radical concept...or is it?

Much ado is being made of a Huffington Post article in which a mom suggests that we should all have sex with our partners every single day. It's a radical concept, or is it?

Coming on the back of the husband who catalogued all of his wife's various 'excuses' and reasons not to have sex with him via an Excel spreadsheet, it's no wonder Meg Conley's words have creating waves in the media.

Apparently as Conley was doing the dishes she had an epiphany that it had been eight days since she last had intercourse with her husband.

The proverbial light bulb went off, and Conley made it her mission to have sex not only regularly but daily. But are her reasons for urging all moms to follow suit largely misguided?
It's this whole idea of a woman having something the man wants, and the woman performing sex as if it's some kind of charitable act rather than a mutual expression of desire and love: 

"And my goodness, let the poor man see you naked. It is astounding what a good man will do for a good woman that has made him feel loved. After a few weeks of meals and make outs, you will sit back and wonder why you didn't insist on having sex every night sooner. Talk about a small investment and big returns."

Though I think a woman should have sex regularly—on her own terms—Conley does well to remind us of the inherent value in a good romp with our partners: 

"We will slog through our children's Algebra homework, do Zumba in public and pluck the hair from our body ONE PIECE AT A TIME," wrote Conley. "But tell a girl to have sex every night and she looks at you like you are crazy, An orgasm? Every night? What do I look like? A Nymphomaniacal Super Woman? Where is the logic in that?"

What do you think of Conley's case for daily sex?