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The Buzz You Loved: Our Top MummyBuzz Stories 2011-2016

The stories that mattered the most to you

MummyBuzz 2011-2016

Just over five years ago, I stood in a playground pushing my baby on the swing. I told my mom friend about a job I wanted to apply for, even though it seemed like the worst timing. After all, my son was still in diapers. Was I completely crazy to even consider working from home without any support? My friend told me to apply then figure it out later. That's when I discovered that crazy is often the best advice. 

The years I've spent blogging as Mummy Buzz have been - hands down - the most fun I've had at any job. (Incredibly, being doused in hot fudge and soft serve vanilla at DQ doesn't rank.) While my son was napping, I would peruse the web, sourcing the kind of stories that I wanted to read. Then I got to write them up the way I wanted to tell them, in the true voice of a "yummy mummy."

Aside from actually knowing what was going on in the world for once, the single biggest thrill of this gig was always you, the reader. Five years on, you continued to surprise and baffle. No measure of experience could fully predict which stories would yank at your heart strings and which would get your blood boiling.

You were fascinated by media that seemed to push the boundaries of good taste. Was the holiday commercial too morbid, or the C-section photo too graphic? But above all, you had a solid sense of humour. You quickly saw the funny side when a boy wore an "inappropriate" sweater to school. And you loved a good parody, especially if it involved Frozen because in 2014 that movie drove us all to drink. I swear Chardonnay sales shot up that year! 

Nothing excited you more than a bit of sleuthing. You thrived on being privy to some new bit of information, whether it was learning the "ugly" side of trendy Ugg boots or the heartbreaking inspiration behind a popular children's book.  

Celebrity stories figured largely. Some of most viral stories I ever wrote about involved famous parents. Fortunately for me, you weren't interested in mere tabloid gossip. What fascinated you were celebrities who faced real parenting dilemmas. Situations that made them relatable. Like the time Jenny McCarthy's son called her out to the cops for texting while driving, or when the Jolie-Pitts masterfully handled their child's gender transition.

In May 2014, my biggest story broke. It involved celebrities and parenting. It was short and sweet and full of grey areas. Will and Jada Smith's daughter Willow, then 13, was photographed lying in bed with a 20-year-old family friend. The Instagram photograph prompted an investigation by Child Services. The image stirred up tons of controversy, and was a prime example of parents being scrutinized and publicly shamed for their decisions. A trend that has unfortunately continued to this day...

Being Mummy Buzz has forced me to flesh out my opinions and get to know my own mind as both a woman and as a mom. Among other things, this blog has taught me to look at the bigger picture. Instead of jumping to conclusions, I learned to step back and consider various angles and possibilities. It has taught me to always start from a place of compassion. To open my mind and my heart, to the best of my abilities.

And I have you to personally thank for that. 


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