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How to Make Maple Taffy at Home

Sweet and Sticky perfection

Maple Candy. Maple Syrup. Maple Bacon. Maple Cookies.

Canadians love maple flavours, it’s built into our heritage! We eat lots of pancakes and cover them in maple syrup! It's a standard in our Canadian cupboards.

But what about Maple Snow Taffy? The kind poured out on snow and spun on a popsicle stick? Have you ever made it at home?

Snow Taffy is a special treat delicacy that we eat somewhere like a maple syrup festival or maybe a winter festival like Ottawa’s Winterlude. 

Recently the moms from momstown Georgina decided to make Maple Taffy at home as a delicious experiment for their Little Scientists program.

Making Snow Taffy is something that momstown Georgina hosts each year for some winter fun.  Normally it's a backyard event but  it was so cold we brought the snow inside to make snow taffy.

Making snow taffy is so easy (doesn't need to be reserved for festivals!) and so much fun.  All you need is maple syrup + snow. (We used basic grocery store “syrup” instead of the real maple kind since we had a big crowd. If you’re looking a truly authentic treat, use real maple syrup.)

I gathered snow from the backyard (make sure its fresh and white!) and kept the snow in the freezer to make sure it didn't melt while we were cooking the syrup.

Next we poured some maple syrup into a pot and cooked it until it started bubbling. As it cooks you will feel it get thinker and stickier as you stir.

Be very careful to keep little hands out of the way of hot bubbling syrup!! Pour a little onto the snow, if it sinks to the bottom keep cooking. If it settles then you're ready to pour onto the snow and make your taffy.

You can eat it right out of the snow—or twist onto sticks and enjoy!

Thanks to the owner of momstown Georgina, Kim Edmiston, for sharing her recipe fun!