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Easy Easter Chick Crafts

Just in time for Easter eggs!

Easter is looming and other than chocolate and the Easter Bunny there is one constant theme you will see on the Cadbury Easter Egg commericals, on Easter cards, in the plush stuffy aisle and—it's baby animals!

Soon, your preschooler  is going to ask where the chick is from this morning's scrambled eggs. Let's divert from answering that question and distract with a craft idea? Sound good?

The best way to craft with preschoolers and toddlers is to keep things easy and inexpensive. Using recycled products or things on hand make it a better experience than buying a pre-fab craft set.

Paper Plate Easter Chick

momstown Calgary created these simple chicks at their Easter parties last year, and kids of all ages enjoyed making their own chick. You can see how there was a variety in implementation which showcases their creativity and age ranges, we had chicks with 3 hands/wings, with no wings—art is supposed to individual right?

All you need is a paper plate, yellow paint, some orange construction paper. scissors/glue and googly eyes. Kids love the painting part, a plate is like an open canvas to them. Once dry glue all the other elements on.

Egg Carton Baby Chick

This picture of this Easter chick made out of egg cartons and cotton balls is at the top and is a favourite every year! Simply pre-cut the egg cartons into singles and paint them white. Once dry, fill with cotton balls and place/glue a yellow cotton ball on top as the "chick." Glue on googly eyes and a beard and voila! You have a Easter chick!

Thumbprint Baby Chick on Canvas

This is a cute picture to make with your Easter guests or in advance to give out as seasonal 'cards.' Baby chicks and paint are a big part of Easter!

Pick up a few small canvas boards (we buy ours 3 for $2, they are a terrific art supply to have for quite inexpensive) and invite your child to paint the background. Once background is dry, using their thumbs or index fingers dip into yellow paint. Each fingerprint is a chick. Once paint it all dry, use a black sharpie for the legs or orange for the beak.

Have a great Easter holiday!

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