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How To Create A Sensory Bin For Your Baby

Teaching And Exploring With Your Baby Through Sensory Play

At momstown Burlington's Baby Basics program, we are all about sensory activities, and one of the best activities for your baby is to create a sensory bin. Sure, it sounds like a great idea, but so many mamas brush it off as being too hard or too messy. But babies love new experiences, textures, shapes and colours, and making your own sensory bin doesn't have to be hard. Babies are interested in the simplest things, and you can turn everyday things into sensory activities for baby.

Take the two we had at our most recent Baby Basics Session:

Sensory Bin One: You know all that paper you've been meaning to shred, but haven't quite gotten around to getting rid of yet? Spend five minutes with your shredder and not only have you done your good housework deed of the day, but you've got sensory material right there! Just toss the paper into a bucket, a bin, or a pile on the floor, and let baby explore and even climb right in.

Easy Sensory Activity

Sensory Bin Two: So when I was a kid, every once in a while we'd wind up with those giant bags of puffed wheat cereal. Seriously? Who eats that stuff? However, it makes for a fantastic sensory activity. Check out momstown Burlington's bins filled with puffed wheat cereal and a few letter shaped cookie cutters. Two minutes of work to throw together means a whole morning of exploring and fun for baby!

Great Sensory Bin Idea!
Cereal Sensory Bin

You don't have to be super mom to make a super sensory binany new shape and texture can become an exciting new thing to explore for baby. And if you are still undecided or don't want to do the clean up yourself, check out our momstown Baby Basics Program for this fun activity, and even more fun activities for you and your baby!

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