Homemade By Kids: Valentine's gifts

Little cupids make great crafts

Homemade By Kids: Valentine's gifts

There are so many choices for kids at Valentines' Day—lots of cute store-bought or printable options for your little Valentine to cart off to school on the big day.

If you're looking for something a one of a kind, check out the homemade creations that momstown kids have been making this February—we hope they'll inspire the cupids in your life!

Watercolour sticker 'resist' design cards

Made using heart-shaped stickers and watercolours, each of these cards turned out one of a kind!

Tissue paper hearts

Remember these from grade school? Nice fine motor activity that had our momstown preschoolers loving the tissue paper! A perfect teacher card idea.

Salt dough heart necklaces

They look fancy, but kids can make a 'batch' in no time, and have them decorated and ready to give to their BFFs on Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Toddlers Share The Love

easy Valentine's crafts for babies and toddlers

Toddlers Share The Love

Little ones can get in on the action on Valentine's Day too—they might not be bringing cards to school yet, but they can get busy with these easy Valentine's activities designed just for them!

Potato Stamp Hearts

valentines potato stamp

Get out some potatoes (yes, potatoes!), cut them in half, and then into shapes. Use a popsicle stick to make a handle, then dip in paint and stamp!

Handprint Keepsake

handprint valentines craft momstown

Dip a hand in paint and press on a plain paper plate!

Cookie-Cutter Stamping

Dip cookie cutters into paint and stamp away to make a cute Valentine's picture.

Valentine's playdates are a great way to get little ones celebrating on their own turf!

valentines crafts

momstown Burlington had an "I love you party" where lots of little ones made simple Valentine's crafts like this one.

momstown Edmonton-South held a Valentine's playdate—all the babies and toddlers got in on the red and pink fun!

Looking for some great Valentine's Day printables? Click here!

Whether you embrace the romance of or refuse to partake in forced declarations of love, our Valentine’s Day page is filled with articles, crafts, activities, and food to fit your mood.

Crafts That Travel

Keeping 'em entertained on the journey

Crafts That Travel

What is it they say about the journey being more important than the destination? Whoever wrote that never travelled in a minivan full of kids for more than an hour.

Being a mom in a passenger seat often means you are equal parts navigator, food-distributor, thrown-toy-finder, contortionist (when the DVD remote goes missing), activity director, puke mopper-upper...it's a glamourous role.

And it seems to change with every age and stage. Bringing a baby on a plane (like momstown Edmonton's owner recently did—with hilarious results), requires a completely different set of tricks than surviving long car trips with toddlers and preschoolers.

Having the latest gadgets and electronics can be a sanity-saver, but it also helps to have a few home-made, low budget options thrown in there for a change of pace. Here are some of our favourites:

Shoebox Felt House

Perfect lap-size activity that you can make yourself using a shoebox and felt - lid included. Felt sticks to felt so that kids can play with the small pieces and design their own scene as they miss the great scenery whizzing by.

Change of seasons file folder game

change the seasons

This one is more suited to train or plane travel where you've got some sort of 'tray' to play the game on. But it's perfect when you're travelling to a warmer or colder clime—kids can play 'change the seasons' on their way.

Button practice on the go

Like it or not, Velcro has its limits. Kids do need to learn how to button up, and this take-along homemade button activity disguised as flowers is a great way to keep little hands busy and learning.

Enjoy your next trip with your kids—or at least survive it—and enjoy your destination!