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Travel Essentials with Kids

5 Things You Must Have When Travelling With Kids

It’s travel month at the YMC and as it happens, I have a little bit of expertise in this area. While I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a over-packer for myself, through trial and error I have determined the essentials for travelling with kids. Here are my Top 5 must haves for journeys with the children.

Trunki -  I insist my children carry their own stuff and with their Trunki’s they are only too happy to do it. Trunkis are these amazing suitcases for children. They are carry on size, made of indestructible plastic, light, and come in adorable patterns and colours for every child. Best part of a Trunki? When little legs get tired racing across an airport terminal, you can let them sit on it while you tow them. Totally amazing product. They are recommended for ages 3-6 but mine are 6 and 8 and still love theirs.

 iPad - The iPad has it all. Seriously. You don’t have to bring separate material for books, music,  movies, games or *gasp* even learning. You can put everything you need on the iPad and seriously cut your luggage weight. Make sure to get your children proper headphones that go over the ear and invest in a splitter so that two children can watch a movie at a time.

 Wipes - It doesn’t matter how old your kids get, they will get sticky. Pack a small travel size in everyone’s carry on.

 Blanket and travel pillow - Delays are inevitable. Thankfully, children can sleep just about anywhere. Pack a small fleece blanket and a travel pillow so that they can curl up wherever you are.

 Creature comfort - I let my children bring one small comfort from home. It could be a beloved stuffie, a Barbie or a baby doll.  Being far from home is a whole lot easier when you’ve got a little piece of it with you.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again ;)