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Top 3 Budget Skin Creams

Beauty On A Budget

I have received a lot of emails, in the last couple of months, asking about quality products that are budget priced.  It seems more and more readers want to know about really great formulas and, of course, be careful they are not wasting any money.

Fortuantely, that is exactly what this blog is all about: how to get the best value for your beauty dollar!

I see a lot of products, every week, and it remains true—every line has great products and really poor products.  Price is never an indication of quality and a well-informed consumer will never waste money.

Firstly, let me define "budget." While I am opposed to overpaying for any cosmetic product I am not against paying top dollar for a quality product. A lot of people think I am against expensive products in general. This is actually not true. My mandate is "best value for the purchasing dollar." Sometimes that means spending a little more to get better value in the long haul.  For me, a well-priced product does 3 things:

1. Demystifies cosmetics—it has to be easy to use and easy to understand.

2. Delivers on promises—the formula has to be able to actually provide the advertised results.

3.  Doesn't cause more problems for the skin—no sense using a product to address one concern only to have it cause a whole new issue with which to deal.

Basically for me "budget" does not mean "cheap." It means "quality and value."

Here are my top 3 Beauty on a Budget Moisturizers:

1.  Avon Anew Ultimate 7S Cream ($39 for 50mL)


Pros: Contains all the state-of-the-art ingredients found in very high-priced products.  Glycolic Acid to exfoliate, Peptides to deliver active ingredients, intense waterbinding agents and in a non drying formula that is lightweight and rich in trace elements.

Cons: Can only be used at night as it will cause light sensitivity on the skin.  The inclusion of a low-level SPF for application protetction would have vastly improved the usage of this product. Also the fragrance is a problem as it can cause irritation.  It is a low level fragrance so for most skins it will be ok but there is still the risk.  

Overall: Meets all 3 of my criteria for 95% of people. This is a good choice and the price is very affordable.


2. Bliss Youth As We Know It ($89 for 50mL)


Pros:  This is a mass market product with paramedical grade ingredients.  Lipid identical moisturizers, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide, Trehalose, Peptides, Amino Acids, Hydroxy Acids, and a host of other incredibly beneficial ingredients without irritating dyes or fragrances. All in a time release formula that can deliver ingredients to the skin for up to 12 hours.  This type of formula sells for hundreds of dollars a jar in doctor's offices.

Cons:  Requires a separate product for night use to yeild the best results which in effect doubles the price of the product. This could have been formulated as a day and night product with some minor tweaking.

Overall:  Amazing value for the formula. I have seen comparable quality as much as $300 in a dermatologist's office.


3.  Daniel Thompson Cosmeceuticals The Moisturizer ($112 for 50mL)

Pros: Ecomedical formulation that uses the most advanced delivery technology in skin creams.  Rather than using time release technology this cream uses an in-stasis, hormone responsive delivery system that allows the active ingredients to work only when the skin requires.  Paramedical ingredients include: lipid identical moisturizers, Hyaluronic Acid, Anti Bacterial agents, Amino Acids, Peptides, Alphahydroxy Proteins and even Vitamin K. Replaces 4 traditional skincare items - day cream, night cream, eye cream and target treatment. No fragrances, dyes or synthetic preservatives.

Cons: It takes some getting used to.  With no slip agents or filler it does not feel like a tradtional moisturizer and is easy to over use if the instructions are not followed carefully. While the instructions are clear and easy to understand the tendancy is to use like a tradtional cosmetic and that can lead to over active results on the skin. Takes a specific application from which any deviation will result in wasted product and wasted money.

Overall: For the price of a basic cosmetic night cream this product delvers results in a matter of days and eliminates multiple products to gain results. Fast acting and super easy to use. No more complicated steps that can cost hundreds of dollars.


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