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Last-Minute Gifts for the Fabulous Yogi in Your Life

It's Not Too Late To Get The Perfect Present

Christmas Yoga gifts

Oh, Christmas. Here it is again. It's crept up quickly, and—if you’re like me—there are a few last-minute gifts left to buy. If you’re time-crunched and scrambling to get something special for the favourite yogi or wannabe yogi in your life, rest assured, it’s not too late to get the perfect gift! Here are my top picks for last-minute yoga presents that are easy to get, but sure to please. Because, really, who couldn’t use a little more Zen in their life?

5 Yoga Practices To Keep You Zen During the Holidays

Online Yoga Subscription

With hundreds of yoga classes of various lengths and choice of practice styles, a yearly subscription to a site like or is a gift that keeps on giving all year round.

Yoga Props

Whether it’s a mat, a foam block, a yoga strap or—my favourite—an eye pillow, yoga props are the perfect gift for someone just developing a yoga practice. They can be purchased at most yoga studios or sports stores, and can also be found at Indigo or Target.

Private Class(es)

Most yoga teachers offer private (one-on-one or small group) classes, either in-home or at a studio. Regardless of how long someone has been practicing, they can always benefit from a private class. It’s also a great gift for someone who’s been eager to start yoga but is anxious about trying a class for the first time.

Studio Gift Certificates

If your yogi attends a studio, or if there’s a place they’ve been wanting to check out, purchase a gift certificate for a five-class pass, or for a certain dollar amount. It’s a fantastic way to give them the gift of health and relaxation that they can use on their own schedule.

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Yoga Books

There is a huge variety of yoga books to choose from, and they are the perfect stocking stuffer. At your local bookstore, you’ll find books that offer specific sequences and posture descriptions or books that discuss yogic philosophies as they apply to life. If the line-ups are too long, you always have the option of purchasing your chosen book for download to any reading device.

While you're giving a the gift of Zen to others, why not find some yourself? If you're struggling to get through the Christmas craziness, maybe you're in need of a little self-care. Or perhaps you could use one of these five yoga practices to keep you Zen. Regardless of how you get through it, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!