How To Approach Life With An Open Heart

Three Yoga Poses To Keep You Open, Energized, and Centred

How To Approach Life With An Open Heart

yoga poses for an open heart

We need to take care of our hearts. It’s a no-brainer, right? Do the recommended amount of cardio to get the blood pumping, limit the amount of stress we subject ourselves to, and eat a nutritious diet in order to live an energetic and healthy life. But what about taking care of the heart in a different way?

In yoga, we nurture the heart physically, but we also recognize the power of the heart on an emotional and spiritual level.

Here are three yoga poses that will help you approach life with an open heart far beyond Valentine's Day:

Easy Seated Pose with Hands in Prayer

Sit in a cross-legged position, with the spine lengthening upwards. Bring the hands together into prayer position in front of the heart.

Easy seated pose allows us to connect with the ground. It’s a pose that lets us become focused, to pause, and simply “be.” By bringing our hands to our chest in prayer position, we centre this energy and sense of being grounded in our heart. We can find peace and strength in stillness.

Upward Dog

From a prone position with the hands underneath the shoulders, fully engage the leg muscles as you straighten the arms and open the chest upwards. 

Upward Dog stretches the front line of the body, and opens the heart to the world. By engaging all the muscles in the body and then holding this pose, we are energizing our heart and mind, and renewing our sense of openness to the world around us.

Child’s Pose

From tabletop position (hands and knees) begin to draw the buttocks back towards the heels, allowing the arms to remain extended forwards. Once the buttocks are as far back as you can allow, let the forehead drop to the floor.

Child’s Pose allows the body to release and surrender, and gives us an opportunity to tune in and recharge. This pose encourages compassion, self-reflection, and the ability to let go.

A truly open heart incorporates elements of all of these three poses: connectedness, engagement, and surrender. 

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(yoga photos by Bruce Zinger Photography)